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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018

Characteristics of Main Job


V27291q6101 6101. Do you work in a fixed place or establishment? discretenumeric
V27292q6103 6103. What is the economic activity of the enterprises you work in? continnumeric
V27293q6104 6104. What is your occupation in your main job during the past three months?? continnumeric
V27294q6105 6105. Does your job require supervising others? discretenumeric
V27295q6106 6106. How many people do you directly supervise? continnumeric
V27296q6107 6107. Does your job require any technical skills? discretenumeric
V27297q6108 6108. How did you acquire that skill? discretenumeric
V27298q6109 6109. Is the individual engaged in a craft-related job? discretenumeric
V27299q6110 6110. What is the level of your skill? discretenumeric
V27300q6111 6111. Did you participate in any training program other than regular education t discretenumeric
V27301q6112 6112. What kind of training program did you participate in? discretenumeric
V27302q6113 6113. How many weeks did this training require? continnumeric
V27303q6114 6114. Who covered most of the cost of the training? discretenumeric
V27304q6115 6115. What are the minimum education requirements for your job? discretenumeric
V27305q6116_1 6116_1. Basic literacy discretenumeric
V27306q6116_2 6116_2. Mathematics or statistics discretenumeric
V27307q6116_3 6116_3. Physical fitness discretenumeric
V27308q6116_4 6116_4. Computer skills discretenumeric
V27309q6116_5 6116_5. Management skills discretenumeric
V27310q6116_6 6116_6. Customer service skills discretenumeric
V27311q6116_7 6116_7. Foreign language skills discretenumeric
V27312q6117 6117. Do you use a computer in your work? And if so is this computer connected t discretenumeric
V27313q6118 6118. How stable is your job? discretenumeric
V27314q6119 6119. How long spent on your longest main job past three months? in weeks discretenumeric
V27315q6120 6120. How many days per week did you work on average - past three months? discretenumeric
V27316q6121 6121. How many hours a day on average do you work? continnumeric
V27317q6122_1a 6122_1a. Number of weeks: discretenumeric
V27318q6122_1b 6122_1b. Hours per week: continnumeric
V27319q6122_2a 6122_2a. Number of weeks: discretenumeric
V27320q6122_2b 6122_2b. Hours per week: continnumeric
V27321q6122_3a 6122_3a. Number of weeks: discretenumeric
V27322q6122_3b 6122_3b. Hours per week: continnumeric
V27323q6123 6123. Weeks in a row worked (not counting days off) - past 12 months? continnumeric
V27324q6124 6124. Weeks in a row did you not work before your current work - past 12 months? continnumeric
V27325q6125 6125. Weeks in a row was the job before your current work - past 12 months? continnumeric
V27326q6126 6126. Weeks in a row been not working - past 12 months? continnumeric
V27327q6127 6127. Weeks in a row worked (not days off) when last working - past 12 months? continnumeric
V27328q6128 6128. Weeks in a row did you not work before your last work - past 12 months? continnumeric
V27329q6129 6129. Do you sometimes work at night (after 7pm)? discretenumeric
V27330q6130 6130. Are some of your firms' products produced for exports? discretenumeric
V27331q6131 6131. Is your work related to tourism (e.g. providing goods and services for tou discretenumeric
V27332q6132 6132. Do you deal with the general public in your job? discretenumeric
V27333q6133 6133. What is the number of employees in your firm including yourself? discretenumeric
V27334q6134 6134. What is the percentage of female employees? discretenumeric
V27335q6135 6135. Do you have social insurance connected to this job? discretenumeric
V27336q6136 6136. Did you get social insurance as soon as you got this job? discretenumeric
V27337q6137 6137. How many months after starting the job did you get social insurance? continnumeric
V27338q6138 6138. Have you ever had social insurance in this job? discretenumeric
V27339q6139 6139. Do other workers in your firm have social insurance? discretenumeric
V27340q6140 6140. What is your employment status? discretenumeric
V27341q6141 6141. How did you find this job? discretenumeric
V27342q6142 6142. What is your relationship to your employer prior to taking this job? discretenumeric
V27343q6143 6143. What is your sector of employment? discretenumeric
V27344q6144 6144. What is the legal status of the firm you work in? discretenumeric
V27345q6145 6145. Does your employer have a license? discretenumeric
V27346q6146 6146. Does your employer have a commercial or industrial registration? discretenumeric
V27347q6147 6147. Does your employer keep regular accounting books? discretenumeric
V27348q6148 6148. Do you have a legal work contract or formal appointment? discretenumeric
V27349q6149 6149. What kind of contract is it? discretenumeric
V27350q6150 6150. What is the duration of this contract? discretenumeric
V27351q6151 6151. Was the contract ever renewed? discretenumeric
V27352q6152 6152. How many times was the contract renewed? discretenumeric
V27353q6153 6153. Did you acquire this contract immediately upon your hire at this job? discretenumeric
V27354q6154 6154. How many months after getting this job did you get the contract? continnumeric
V27355q6155 6155. Have you ever had a contract in this job and lost it? discretenumeric
V27356q6156 6156. Do any other workers in your firm have work contracts? discretenumeric
V27357q6157 6157. Do you get paid vacations? discretenumeric
V27358q6158 6158. In case of sickness, do you have the right to paid sick leave? discretenumeric
V27359q6159 6159. Do you have medical insurance through your work? discretenumeric
V27360q6160 6160. Are you a member of a trade union or league (Rabita)? discretenumeric
V27361q6161 6161. Are any other workers in your firm members of trade unions or leagues? discretenumeric
V27362q6162 6162. Have you ever had a workplace injury or health problem in the past 12 mont discretenumeric
V27363q6163_1 6163_1. First injury: discretenumeric
V27364q6163_2 6163_2. Second injury: discretenumeric
V27365q6163_3 6163_3. Third injury: discretenumeric
V27366q6164 6164. How did your injury or illness affect your work? discretenumeric
V27367q6165 6165. Do you carry heavy stuff at your work? discretenumeric
V27368q6166 6166. Do you operate any heavy machines at your work? discretenumeric
V27369q6167_1 6167_1. Dust and flames discretenumeric
V27370q6167_2 6167_2. Fire or fuel discretenumeric
V27371q6167_3 6167_3. Loud noise and vibrations discretenumeric
V27372q6167_4 6167_4. Extreme high heat/ extreme low heat discretenumeric
V27373q6167_5 6167_5. High risk equipment discretenumeric
V27374q6167_6 6167_6. Work underground discretenumeric
V27375q6167_7 6167_7. Working in sea/river discretenumeric
V27376q6167_8 6167_8. Working in a dark place discretenumeric
V27377q6167_9 6167_9. Insufficient ventilation/ smelly place discretenumeric
V27378q6167_10 6167_10. Chemicals/ pesticides discretenumeric
V27379q6167_11 6167_11. Explosives (firecrackers) discretenumeric
V27380q6167_12 6167_12. Bending for a long time discretenumeric
V27381q6167_13 6167_13. No toilet discretenumeric
V27382q6167_14 6167_14. Other things against the security and safety measures (specify): discretenumeric
V27383q6168 6168. Describe your place of work. discretenumeric
V27384q6169 6169. location of your main job over the last 3 mo. - urban/rural discretenumeric
V27385q6169_1 6169_1. location of your main job over the last 3 mo. - Governorate continnumeric
V27386q6169_2 6169_2. location of your main job over the last 3 mo. - Kism continnumeric
V27387q6169_3 6169_3. location of your main job over the last 3 mo. - Shyakha continnumeric
V27388q6170 6170. What is the mode of transportation you use to go to work? discretenumeric
V27389q6171 6171. On average, how long does a one way trip to work take? continnumeric
V27390q6172 6172. Tell me, please, how satisfied are you with your current job? discretenumeric
V27391q6173_1 6173_1. Job security discretenumeric
V27392q6173_2 6173_2. Earnings (wages) discretenumeric
V27393q6173_3 6173_3. The type of work you do discretenumeric
V27394q6173_4 6173_4. Number of working hours discretenumeric
V27395q6173_5 6173_5. Work schedule discretenumeric
V27396q6173_6 6173_6. Working conditions/ environment discretenumeric
V27397q6173_7 6173_7. Distance to job/ commuting discretenumeric
V27398q6173_8 6173_8. The match between your qualifications and the position you're in discretenumeric
V27399q6174 6174. If you have the chance to choose between working at the public sector and discretenumeric

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