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Jordan - Labor Market Panel Survey, JLMPS 2010



V8461evrbirth Ever given birth? discretenumeric
V8462numlivebirth number of live births discretenumeric
V8463numchildinhh number of children in household discretenumeric
V8464numchildouthh number of children outside household discretenumeric
V8465childidhh1 Indiv. code no. of child (child 1) discretenumeric
V8466childidhh2 Indiv. code no. of child (child 2) discretenumeric
V8467childidhh3 Indiv. code no. of child (child 3) discretenumeric
V8468childidhh4 Indiv. code no. of child (child 4) discretenumeric
V8469childidhh5 Indiv. code no. of child (child 5) discretenumeric
V8470childidhh6 Indiv. code no. of child (child 6) discretenumeric
V8471childidhh7 Indiv. code no. of child (child 7) discretenumeric
V8472childidhh8 Indiv. code no. of child (child 8) discretenumeric
V8473childidhh9 Indiv. code no. of child (child 9) discretenumeric
V8474childidhh10 Indiv. code no. of child (child 10) discretenumeric
V8475childidhh11 Indiv. code no. of child (child 11) discretenumeric
V8476childidhh12 Indiv. code no. of child (child 12) discretenumeric
V8477childidhh13 Indiv. code no. of child (child 13) discretenumeric
V8478childidhh14 Indiv. code no. of child (child 14) discretenumeric
V8479childidhh15 Indiv. code no. of child (child 15) discretenumeric
V8480childidhh16 Indiv. code no. of child (child 16) discretenumeric
V8481childidhh17 Indiv. code no. of child (child 17) discretenumeric
V8482multbirth1 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 1) discretenumeric
V8483multbirth2 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 2) discretenumeric
V8484multbirth3 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 3) discretenumeric
V8485multbirth4 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 4) discretenumeric
V8486multbirth5 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 5) discretenumeric
V8487multbirth6 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 6) discretenumeric
V8488multbirth7 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 7) discretenumeric
V8489multbirth8 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 8) discretenumeric
V8490multbirth9 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 9) discretenumeric
V8491multbirth10 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 10) discretenumeric
V8492multbirth11 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 11) discretenumeric
V8493multbirth12 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 12) discretenumeric
V8494multbirth13 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 13) discretenumeric
V8495multbirth14 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 14) discretenumeric
V8496multbirth15 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 15) discretenumeric
V8497multbirth16 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 16) discretenumeric
V8498multbirth17 Sing. or mult. stat.(child 17) discretenumeric
V8499sxchild1 Boy or girl(child 1) discretenumeric
V8500sxchild2 Boy or girl(child 2) discretenumeric
V8501sxchild3 Boy or girl(child 3) discretenumeric
V8502sxchild4 Boy or girl(child 4) discretenumeric
V8503sxchild5 Boy or girl(child 5) discretenumeric
V8504sxchild6 Boy or girl(child 6) discretenumeric
V8505sxchild7 Boy or girl(child 7) discretenumeric
V8506sxchild8 Boy or girl(child 8) discretenumeric
V8507sxchild9 Boy or girl(child 9) discretenumeric
V8508sxchild10 Boy or girl(child 10) discretenumeric
V8509sxchild11 Boy or girl(child 11) discretenumeric
V8510sxchild12 Boy or girl(child 12) discretenumeric
V8511sxchild13 Boy or girl(child 13) discretenumeric
V8512sxchild14 Boy or girl(child 14) discretenumeric
V8513sxchild15 Boy or girl(child 15) discretenumeric
V8514sxchild16 Boy or girl(child 16) discretenumeric
V8515sxchild17 Boy or girl(child 17) discretenumeric
V8516mnthbirth1 Month born (child 1) continnumeric
V8517mnthbirth2 Month born (child 2) continnumeric
V8518mnthbirth3 Month born (child 3) continnumeric
V8519mnthbirth4 Month born (child 4) continnumeric
V8520mnthbirth5 Month born (child 5) continnumeric
V8521mnthbirth6 Month born (child 6) continnumeric
V8522mnthbirth7 Month born (child 7) continnumeric
V8523mnthbirth8 Month born (child 8) continnumeric
V8524mnthbirth9 Month born (child 9) continnumeric
V8525mnthbirth10 Month born (child 10) continnumeric
V8526mnthbirth11 Month born (child 11) continnumeric
V8527mnthbirth12 Month born (child 12) continnumeric
V8528mnthbirth13 Month born (child 13) continnumeric
V8529mnthbirth14 Month born (child 14) continnumeric
V8530mnthbirth15 Month born (child 15) discretenumeric
V8531mnthbirth16 Month born (child 16) discretenumeric
V8532mnthbirth17 Month born (child 17) discretenumeric
V8533yrbirth1 Year born (child 1) continnumeric
V8534yrbirth2 Year born (child 2) continnumeric
V8535yrbirth3 Year born (child 3) continnumeric
V8536yrbirth4 Year born (child 4) continnumeric
V8537yrbirth5 Year born (child 5) continnumeric
V8538yrbirth6 Year born (child 6) continnumeric
V8539yrbirth7 Year born (child 7) continnumeric
V8540yrbirth8 Year born (child 8) continnumeric
V8541yrbirth9 Year born (child 9) continnumeric
V8542yrbirth10 Year born (child 10) continnumeric
V8543yrbirth11 Year born (child 11) continnumeric
V8544yrbirth12 Year born (child 12) continnumeric
V8545yrbirth13 Year born (child 13) continnumeric
V8546yrbirth14 Year born (child 14) continnumeric
V8547yrbirth15 Year born (child 15) continnumeric
V8548yrbirth16 Year born (child 16) continnumeric
V8549yrbirth17 Year born (child 17) discretenumeric
V8550childalive1 Still alive (child 1 ) discretenumeric
V8551childalive2 Still alive (child 2 ) discretenumeric
V8552childalive3 Still alive (child 3 ) discretenumeric
V8553childalive4 Still alive (child 4 ) discretenumeric
V8554childalive5 Still alive (child 5 ) discretenumeric
V8555childalive6 Still alive (child 6 ) discretenumeric
V8556childalive7 Still alive (child 7 ) discretenumeric
V8557childalive8 Still alive (child 8 ) discretenumeric
V8558childalive9 Still alive (child 9 ) discretenumeric
V8559childalive10 Still alive (child 10 ) discretenumeric
V8560childalive11 Still alive (child 11 ) discretenumeric
V8561childalive12 Still alive (child 12 ) discretenumeric
V8562childalive13 Still alive (child 13 ) discretenumeric
V8563childalive14 Still alive (child 14 ) discretenumeric
V8564childalive15 Still alive (child 15 ) discretenumeric
V8565childalive16 Still alive (child 16 ) discretenumeric
V8566childalive17 Still alive (child 17 ) discretenumeric
V8567childlivwt1 Living with you (child 1 ) discretenumeric
V8568childlivwt2 Living with you (child 2 ) discretenumeric
V8569childlivwt3 Living with you (child 3 ) discretenumeric
V8570childlivwt4 Living with you (child 4 ) discretenumeric
V8571childlivwt5 Living with you (child 5 ) discretenumeric
V8572childlivwt6 Living with you (child 6 ) discretenumeric
V8573childlivwt7 Living with you (child 7 ) discretenumeric
V8574childlivwt8 Living with you (child 8 ) discretenumeric
V8575childlivwt9 Living with you (child 9 ) discretenumeric
V8576childlivwt10 Living with you (child 10 ) discretenumeric
V8577childlivwt11 Living with you (child 11 ) discretenumeric
V8578childlivwt12 Living with you (child 12 ) discretenumeric
V8579childlivwt13 Living with you (child 13 ) discretenumeric
V8580childlivwt14 Living with you (child 14 ) discretenumeric
V8581childlivwt15 Living with you (child 15 ) discretenumeric
V8582childlivwt16 Living with you (child 16 ) discretenumeric
V8583childlivwt17 Living with you (child 17 ) discretenumeric

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