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Tunisia - Labor Market Panel Survey, TLMPS 2014



V13218round Round of the survey (year) discretenumeric
V13219country Country discretenumeric
V13220indid Unique individual ID discretecharacter
V13221hhid Unique household ID discretecharacter
V13222pn Individual no. in hh discretenumeric
V13223psu PSU code continnumeric
V13224visit_m Visit month discretenumeric
V13225expan_hh Weight (and expansion factor)--Part 1 (household level) continnumeric
V13226expan_roster Weight (and expansion factor)--Part 1 (household roster level) continnumeric
V13227expan_indiv Weight (and expansion factor)--Part 2 (individual level) continnumeric
V13228expan_migr_ent Weight (and expansion factor)--Part 3 (HH ent/migr.) continnumeric
V13229stat_adult_quest Status for adult questionnaire discretenumeric
V13230stat_child_quest Status for child questionnaire discretenumeric
V13231stat_migr_quest Status for migration questionnaire discretenumeric
V13232h_update Household updated in 2015 discretenumeric
V13233v_update Adult updated in 2015 discretenumeric
V13234c_update Child updated in 2015 discretenumeric
V13235m_update Migration/enterprise updated in 2015 discretenumeric
V13236gov Governorate discretenumeric
V13237region Region (six regions) discretenumeric
V13238ext_region Region (seven regions) discretenumeric
V13239urban Urban/Rural discretenumeric
V13240cat_ville residence category discretenumeric
V13241sector Geographic sector continnumeric
V13242deleg Geographic delegation continnumeric
V13251hhsize Total no. of Inividuals in the Household discretenumeric
V13256wealth Household wealth score continnumeric
V13257dwealth Deciles of household wealth discretenumeric
V13258qwealth Quintiles of household wealth discretenumeric
V13259wlthurb Household wealth score--urban only continnumeric
V13260wlthrur Household wealth score--rural only continnumeric
V13261dwlthurb Deciles of household wealth--urban only discretenumeric
V13262dwlthrur Deciles of household wealth--rural only discretenumeric
V13263qwlthurb Quintiles of household wealth--urban only discretenumeric
V13264qwlthrur Quintiles of household wealth--rural only discretenumeric

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