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Palestine - Expenditure and Consumption Survey, PECS 1998 (For documentation only)

Data File


Cases 20113
Variable(s) 38
Structure:Type: relational
Keys: CASESER (Unique unit identifier), PNUM (Person identifier)


COUNTRY Unique country identifier
YEAR Survey Year
CASESER Unique unit identifier
HWEIGHT Household weight
REG Region
PNUM Person identifier
PSEX Gender
PMART Marital status
PREL Relationship to head
PFPRES Father present at home
PFATHID ID of the father
PMPRES Mother present at home
PMOTHID ID of the Mother
PFAGE Age of the father
PMAGE Age of the mother
PFMART Marital status of the father
PMMART Marital status of the mother
PFEDUC Educational level of the father
PMEDUC Educational level of the mother
PFMAS Main activity of the father
PMMAS Main activity of the mother
PFCEMS Employment status of the father
PMCEMS Employment status of the mother
PFOCC Occupation of the main job of the father
PMOCC Occupation of the main job of the mother
PLIT Literacy status
EVERATTD Ever attended school
PEDUC Educational level
PYEDUC Number of effective years of schooling
PATSCH School attendance status
PENROL Level of schooling presently attending
PCLFS Labour force status in the current period
PCMAS Main activity status in the current period
PCEMS Status of Employment
POCC Classification of Occupations for main job
PWEEKTL Total weeks worked
Total variable(s): 38

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