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Palestine - Expenditure and Consumption Survey, PECS 1998 (For documentation only)

Data File


Cases 2851
Variable(s) 189
Structure:Type: relational
Keys: CASESER (Unique unit identifier)


COUNTRY Unique country identifier
YEAR Survey Year
CASESER Unique unit identifier
HWEIGHT Household weight
REG Region
MALNUM Number of Males
FEMLNUM Number of Females
HNUM Number of persons
CH14 Number of persons under age 14
NUM65 Number of persons aged 65 or more
HCOMP Household composition
MARRIED Head living in couple
EARN Number of earners
INCS Source of income
DWLTYP Type of dwelling
DWLTEN Tenure of dwelling
ROOM Number of rooms
ELECT Electrified
SCOOK Source of energy for cooking
WAT Water facilities
TFACIL Transportation facilities
SFACIL Schooling facilities
HFACIL Health facilities
TOIF Toilet facility
CAR Has car/truck/tractor
TELV Has television/radio
TELPH Has telephone
REFRG Has refrigerator/ Freezer
COOKER Has Cooker/ food processor
WASH Has washing machine
COND Has air conditioner
WAHEAT Has water heater
ODUR Has other durables
LIVESTOK Has cattle/sheep/ poultry
OLAND Own land
ALAND Area of Own land
FLAND Free access to land
AGEHD Age - head
AGESP_1 Age - first spouse
AGESP_2 Age - second spouse
AGESP_3 Age - third spouse
AGESP_4 Age - fourth spouse
SEXHD Gender - head
SEXSP_1 Gender - first spouse
SEXSP_2 Gender - second spouse
SEXSP_3 Gender - third spouse
SEXSP_4 Gender - fourth spouse
MARTHD Marital status - head
PARTHD Partnership and parenthood status - head
LITHD Literacy status - head
LITSP_1 Literacy status - first spouse
LITSP_2 Literacy status - second spouse
LITSP_3 Literacy status - third spouse
LITSP_4 Literacy status - fourth spouse
EDUHD Educational level - head
EDUSP_1 Educational level - first spouse
EDUSP_2 Educational level - second spouse
EDUSP_3 Educational level - third spouse
EDUSP_4 Educational level - fourth spouse
MASHD Main activity status - head
MASSP_1 Main activity status - first spouse
MASSP_2 Main activity status - second spouse
MASSP_3 Main activity status - third spouse
MASSP_4 Main activity status - fourth spouse
EMSHD Status of Employment - head
EMSSP_1 Status of Employment - first spouse
EMSSP_2 Status of Employment - second spouse
EMSSP_3 Status of Employment - third spouse
EMSSP_4 Status of Employment - fourth spouse
OCCHD Classification of Occupations for main job - head
OCCSP_1 Classification of Occupations for main job - first Spouse
OCCSP_2 Classification of Occupations for main job - second Spouse
OCCSP_3 Classification of Occupations for main job - third Spouse
OCCSP_4 Classification of Occupations for main job - fourth Spouse
FOODEXP Food and non-alcoholic beverages
CEREXP Purchased Bread and Cereals
RICE Rice expenditures
GRAIN Grains and flour expenditures
BREAD Bread and cakes
PAST Pasta expenditures
CERPRE Cereal preparation
CEROWN Own-Produced Bread and Cereals
MEATEXP Purchased Meat and Poultry
SMEAT Sheep and goats Meat expenditures
CMEAT Cow meat expenditures
OMEAT Other meat expenditures
CHMEAT Chicken meat expenditure
LMEAT Luncheon and Tinned meat
MEATOWN Own-Produced Meat and Poultry
FSHSEAEXP Purchased Fish and Seafood
FISH Fish expenditures
SEAF Seafood expenditures
FSHSEAOWN Own-Produced Fish and Seafood
DAIRYEXP Purchased Dairy Products
MILK Milk expenditures
YOGH Yogurt expenditures
CHES Cheese expenditures
EGG Eggs expenditures
DAIRYOWN Own-Produced Dairy Products
Total variable(s): 189

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