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Egypt - Imports Data, EID-IMP 2005-2014

Imports Data, EID-IMP 2005-2014

Study Type
Trade, Exports and Imports Data [EID]

ID Number
Version Description
Version 1.0: A version of the GOEIC transaction data base on imports prepared for dissemination

Production Date
Pursuant to the provisions of the Presidential Decree No. 378/1999, the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) is an authority directly affiliated to the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, that works as a service provider.

It aims at customer protection and maintaining the good image of Egypt worldwide through inspecting the quality of imports and exports; using the most recent techniques and methods; in addition to preparing exports and imports statistics and reports.

GOEIC was established by virtue of the Presidential Decree No. 1770/1971 as a service and executive agency to perform the following activities:

· Specific Import and Export Control, including:

- Inspection of all imported and exported commodities subject to laws regulating ionized radiations and their risk prevention, as well as food control, agriculture and import and export.

As regard to commodities imported through the Temporary Admission System, inspection scope is limited to passing the microbial and blight testing.

- Inspection of all exported commodities subject to laws regulating ionized radiations and their risk prevention, as well as food control, agriculture and import and export.

- Overseeing inspection of exported and imported commodities subject to rules governing censorship on literary works and the repression of fraud and cheat,

as well as practicing pharmacy besides toxic materials used in industry, control of precious metals and the protection of antiquities, measurements and dry measures.

- Optional inspection of commodities upon the request of applicants.

· Keeping the following Commercial Register:

- Importers register.

- Exporters register.

- Agents and Commercial Mediators register.

- Scientific and consultancy Bureau register.

- Factory production supplies import cards register.

- Integration cards with Sudan.

· Issuing the certificates of origin for goods of Egyptian origin and of acquired Egyptian origin.

· Sorting agriculture crops for crop-specific rating in order to categorize them.

· Ensuring adherence to traceability system

· The participation with the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality in the amendment of specifications related to imported foodstuffs and industrial goods.

· Printing guidebooks and brochures on services provided by GOEIC and its procedures; and to reach out to customers.

· Doing Research on Exports (challenges & solutions).

· Designing and printing of brochures to facilitate reaching out to dealers with GOEIC while identifying major steps and procedures pursued for service - rendering .

· Printing booklets related to Ministry's affiliated bodies and entities.

· Printing newsletters related to Commercial Registration Administrator.

· Inspection of contracting samples of imported industrial goods.

The Organization performs the above mentioned activities under the following legislation:

Law No. 118/1971 on import and export and its executive promulgated by the ministerial decree No. 275/1991.

Law No. 120/1982 on the importers register and the implementing regulation promulgated upon the ministerial decree No. 342/1982 and Law No. 121/1982 on registration in the commercial agents registers and the implementing regulation promulgated as per the ministerial decree No. 343/1982.

Presidential Decree No. 106/2000.

Kind of Data
Event/transaction data [evn]

Units of Analysis
- Trader importing products controlled through GOEIC

For the years 2005-2014; on the trader and the product levels, the data provided indicates:

1- Country of origin

2- Country of destination

3- Total imports value in US$

4- Total imports value in EGP

Producers and Sponsors
Primary Investigator(s)
Economic Research Forum
General Organization for Export and Import Control Egypt
Metadata Production
Metadata Produced By
Economic Research ForumERF
Date of Metadata Production
DDI Document Version
Version 1.0

DDI Document ID

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