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Palestine - Expenditure and Consumption Survey, PECS 1995/1996 (For documentation only)


Definition Including annual amounts of consumption expenditures ; if possible split following the COICOP international standard classification).

All expenditure variables are recorded as yearly amounts. Amounts are annualized if not provided as such in original data.

Due to lack of detail in many datasets, ERF constructs the expenditure variables, even if not all of the items are available. Any taxes included in the expenditure variables are deducted if possible. Some expenses/per month may be very high due to exceptional conditions (such as health care) and are not multiplied by 12 to be annualized (may be by 6).

All corresponding survey documentation should be checked for expenditure periodicity reference

Annual Expenditure amounts should be reported in country national currency


V363FOODEXP Food and non-alcoholic beverages continnumeric
V364CEREXP Purchased Bread and Cereals continnumeric
V365RICE Rice expenditures continnumeric
V366GRAIN Grains and flour expenditures continnumeric
V367BREAD Bread and cakes continnumeric
V368PAST Pasta expenditures continnumeric
V369CERPRE Cereal preparation continnumeric
V370CEROWN Own-Produced Bread and Cereals continnumeric
V371MEATEXP Purchased Meat and Poultry continnumeric
V372SMEAT Sheep and goats Meat expenditures continnumeric
V373CMEAT Cow meat expenditures continnumeric
V374OMEAT Other meat expenditures continnumeric
V375CHMEAT Chicken meat expenditure continnumeric
V376LMEAT Luncheon and Tinned meat continnumeric
V377MEATOWN Own-Produced Meat and Poultry continnumeric
V378FSHSEAEXP Purchased Fish and Seafood continnumeric
V379FISH Fish expenditures continnumeric
V380SEAF Seafood expenditures continnumeric
V381FSHSEAOWN Own-Produced Fish and Seafood continnumeric
V382DAIRYEXP Purchased Dairy Products continnumeric
V383MILK Milk expenditures continnumeric
V384YOGH Yogurt expenditures continnumeric
V385CHES Cheese expenditures continnumeric
V386EGG Eggs expenditures continnumeric
V387DAIRYOWN Own-Produced Dairy Products continnumeric
V388OILFATEXP Purchased Oil & Fats continnumeric
V389OOIL Olive oil expend. continnumeric
V390OIL Other oils expend. continnumeric
V391BUT Butter and margarine continnumeric
V392FAT Fat expenses continnumeric
V393OILFATOWN Own-Produced Oil & Fats continnumeric
V394FRUITEXP Fruits expenses continnumeric
V395FRUITOWN Own-Produced Fruits continnumeric
V396VEGEXP Vegetables expenses continnumeric
V397VEGOWN Own-Produced Vegetables continnumeric
V398SUGAREXP Sugar and jam expenditure continnumeric
V399SUGAROWN Own-Produced Sugar and Jam continnumeric
V400SPICEXP Spices expenditures continnumeric
V401SPICOWN Own-Produced Spices continnumeric
V402BEVEXP Beverages expenditure continnumeric
V403BEVOWN Own-Produced Beverages continnumeric
V404OTHFEXP Other non-specified food expenses continnumeric
V405OTHFOWN Other non-specified own-produced food continnumeric
V406TOTPFOOD Total purchased food continnumeric
V407TOTOWNP Total Own produced food continnumeric
V408TOTGIKD Total Gifts and in-kind food continnumeric
V409ALCOEXP Alcohol and tobacco continnumeric
V410ALC Alcoholic expenditures continnumeric
V411TOB Tobacco expenditures continnumeric
V412APPEXP Clothing and footwear continnumeric
V413CLOTH Clothes for men, women and children continnumeric
V414MCLO Clothing material continnumeric
V415CHAR Tailoring charges continnumeric
V416FOOTW Footwear expenditures continnumeric
V417SCHCLTH School Clothes, Uniforms and Footwear continnumeric
V418HOUSEXP Housing and utilities continnumeric
V419ARHOUS Actual rentals for housing continnumeric
V420IMPREN Imputed rentals for housing continnumeric
V421REPDW Maintenance and repair for the Dwelling continnumeric
V422WDWE Water supply and miscellaneous services relating to the dwelling continnumeric
V423EDWE Electricity, gas and other fuels continnumeric
V424EQUIPEXP Furniture & Housing equipment continnumeric
V425HSFUR Housing furnishings and furniture continnumeric
V426FURREP Housing furnishings and furniture repair continnumeric
V427HSTEX Household textiles continnumeric
V428MHAPL Major Household appliances continnumeric
V429SHAPL Small Household appliances continnumeric
V430RAPPL Repair of appliances continnumeric
V431HUST Glassware, tableware and household utensils continnumeric
V432MHOPE Major other housing equipment and operation continnumeric
V433SHOPE Small other housing equipment and operation continnumeric
V434HSGS Goods and services for routine household maintenance continnumeric
V435MEDEXP Health continnumeric
V436PMEDP Pharmaceutical and other medical products continnumeric
V437TAEQ Therapeutic appliances and equipment continnumeric
V438MEDSERV Outpatient and Hospital services continnumeric
V439MEDABR Expenses on medical services Abroad continnumeric
V440TRANEXP Transport continnumeric
V441TRVEH Purchase of transportation vehicles continnumeric
V442OTEQ Operation of personal transport equipment continnumeric
V443TRSERV Transportation services continnumeric
V444SCHSERV School Transportation services continnumeric
V445COMMEXP Communication continnumeric
V446PTTSERV Postal telephone and telefax services continnumeric
V447TTEQP Telephone and telefax equipment continnumeric
V448CULTEXP Recreation and culture continnumeric
V449CULDUR Durables for recreation and culture continnumeric
V450CULEQP Recreation and cultural equipments continnumeric
V451CULSER Recreation and culture services continnumeric
V452SCHCUL School recreation and culture services continnumeric
V453EDUCEXP Education continnumeric
V454PREDUC Expenses on pre-primary and primary education continnumeric
V455SEDUC Expenses lower and upper-secondary education continnumeric
V456TEDUC Expenses tertiary education continnumeric
V457OEDUC Expenses on education not defined by level continnumeric
V458EDUCABR Expenses on Education Abroad continnumeric
V459RESTOEXP Restaurants and hotels continnumeric
V460CATSER Catering services continnumeric
V461SCHRST School restaurants expenditures continnumeric
V462ACCOM Accommodation and hotel expenses continnumeric
V463MISCEXP Miscellaneous goods and services continnumeric
V464PCEXP Personal care and personal effects continnumeric
V465SPEXP Social protection continnumeric
V466FEXP Insurance and financial services continnumeric
V467FEES Penalties and other fees continnumeric
V468PTRANSF Private transfers given continnumeric
V469TOTFOOD Total food expenditures continnumeric
V470TDUR Total expenses on durables continnumeric
V471THOUS Actual and imputed rentals for housing continnumeric
V472TOTEXP Total expenditures continnumeric
V473TNFOOND Total expenditures on non-food and non-durables continnumeric
V474LUMP Lumpy expenses continnumeric
V475INTER Interests paid on consumption and loans continnumeric
V476TAX Expenditures on taxes and levies continnumeric

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