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Palestine - Expenditure and Consumption Survey, PECS 1995/1996 (For documentation only)

Data Collection
Data Collection Dates
Data Collection Mode
Face-to-face [f2f]
Data Collection Notes

1) Pilot Survey
A pilot survey, designed for testing the questionnaire, fieldwork procedures and instructions, data entry template and instructions, and the estimated costs, was carried out in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip for two weeks during the months of May and June 1995. A total of 96 households in the West Bank and 24 households in Gaza Strip were selected for pilot testing.
The pilot survey results were thoroughly evaluated and modification in the plan, questionnaire,…etc were made accordingly.

2) Field Operations
Nine teams of female interviewers, 7 in the West Bank and 2 in Gaza Strip carried out data collection. Each team consisted of a supervisor, a field editor, and 4-5 interviewers.
Fieldwork teams were distributed to different districts according to sample allocation.
All field staff received a nine-day training session combining general, theoretical, and practical components. Interviewers, supervisors, and editors for the survey were selected according to their performance on a written examination administered at the end of the training session.
Fieldwork procedures and organization were designed to ensure adequate supervision and the collection of high quality data. To this end, several quality control measures were used throughout the fieldwork.
The interviewer undertook between 120 and 150 household visits in a month. The households were asked to keep daily records in a dairy during their recording month.
Data Collectors
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics PCBSPalestinian National Authority

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