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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018

Employment in the Past Three Months


V27268q5301 5301. Did you participate in any employment during the past three months? discretenumeric
V27269q5302_1 5302_1. agricultural work (e.g., harvesting, cutting clover, irrigation) on crop discretenumeric
V27270q5302_2 5302_2. raising poultry/livestock for sale discretenumeric
V27271q5302_3 5302_3. producing ghee/cheese/butter for sale discretenumeric
V27272q5302_4 5302_4. preparing food/vegetables for sale discretenumeric
V27273q5302_5 5302_5. producing straw products/carpets/textile/ropes for sale discretenumeric
V27274q5302_6 5302_6. offering part-time services for others in a house/shop/hotel discretenumeric
V27275q5302_7 5302_7. street seller discretenumeric
V27276q5302_8 5302_8. construction worker discretenumeric
V27277q5302_9 5302_9. collecting fuel/woodcutting for sale discretenumeric
V27278q5302_10 5302_10. making crafts, art, etc. for sale discretenumeric
V27279q5302_11 5302_11. purchasing goods and selling to others discretenumeric
V27280q5302_12 5302_12. trainee/apprentice for pay discretenumeric
V27281q5302_13 5302_13. working from home (IT programmers, etc.) discretenumeric
V27282q5302_14 5302_14. taking care of other people's children for pay discretenumeric
V27283q5302_15 5302_15. taking care of other people's houses/ businesses for pay discretenumeric
V27284q5303 5303. Have you ever worked or participated in any of the previous activities or discretenumeric
V27285q5304 5304. Have you ever in your life searched for work, registered with an employmen discretenumeric
V27286q5305_1a 5305_1a. When did you start looking for work for the first time? Month discretenumeric
V27287q5305_2b 5305_2b. When did you start looking for work for the first time? Year continnumeric
V27288q5306 5306. Are you still looking for work? discretenumeric
V27289q5307_1a 5307_1a. When did you complete your job search process the last time? Month discretenumeric
V27290q5307_2b 5307_2b. When did you complete your job search process the last time? Year continnumeric

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