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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018

Employment in the Past Seven Days


V27192q5101 5101. Have you participated in any employment during the past seven days? discretenumeric
V27193q5102_1 5102_1. agricultural work (e.g., harvesting, cutting clover, irrigation) on crop discretenumeric
V27194q5102_2 5102_2. raising poultry/livestock for sale discretenumeric
V27195q5102_3 5102_3. producing ghee/cheese/butter for sale discretenumeric
V27196q5102_4 5102_4. preparing food/vegetables for sale discretenumeric
V27197q5102_5 5102_5. producing straw products/carpets/textile/ropes for sale discretenumeric
V27198q5102_6 5102_6. offering part-time services for others in a house/shop/hotel discretenumeric
V27199q5102_7 5102_7. street seller discretenumeric
V27200q5102_8 5102_8. construction worker discretenumeric
V27201q5102_9 5102_9. collecting fuel/woodcutting for sale discretenumeric
V27202q5102_10 5102_10. making crafts, art, etc. for sale discretenumeric
V27203q5102_11 5102_11. purchasing goods and selling to others discretenumeric
V27204q5102_12 5102_12. trainee/apprentice for pay discretenumeric
V27205q5102_13 5102_13. working from home (IT programmers, etc.) discretenumeric
V27206q5102_14 5102_14. taking care of other people's children for pay discretenumeric
V27207q5102_15 5102_15. taking care of other people's houses/ businesses for pay discretenumeric
V27208q5103 5103. Were you attached to a job in the past 7 days but were temporarily absent discretenumeric
V27209q5104 5104. Did you want to work during the past seven days? discretenumeric
V27210q5105 5105. If suitable job avail., would you be able to start work within two weeks? discretenumeric
V27211q5106 5106. Why are you not wanting or not available to work? discretenumeric
V27212q5107 5107. How many days worked during the past seven days? (in main job in past week discretenumeric
V27213q5108_1 5108_1. Total number of hours per day: continnumeric
V27214q5108_2 5108_2. Total number of hours per week: continnumeric
V27215q5109 5109. What is the reason you worked less than 35 hours per week? (in main job in discretenumeric
V27216q5110_1 5110_1. When did you start your current work? (main job in past week) Month discretenumeric
V27217q5110_2 5110_2. When did you start your current work? (main job in past week) Year continnumeric
V27218q5111 5111. Job during the past week the longest main job during the past three months discretenumeric

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