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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018



V26036round Wave of the survey (year) continnumeric
V26037indid Unique individual ID discretecharacter
V26038hhid Unique household ID discretecharacter
V26039pn Individual no. in HH continnumeric
V26040Findid Unique Indiv. ID when first obs. discretecharacter
V26041Fhhid Unique Household ID when first obs. discretecharacter
V26042Fpsu PSU household first sampled under discretecharacter
V26043hhtype Type of household discretenumeric
V26044indtype Type of individual discretenumeric
V26045indid_18 Individual ID 2018 discretecharacter
V26046indid_12 Individual ID 2012 discretecharacter
V26047indid_06 Individual ID in 2006 discretecharacter
V26048indid_98 Individual ID in 1998 discretecharacter
V26049hhid_18 Household ID 2018 discretecharacter
V26050hhid_12 Household ID 2012 discretecharacter
V26051hhid_06 HH ID in 2006 discretecharacter
V26052hhid_98 HH ID in 1998 discretecharacter
V26053pn_18 Individual no. in HH in 2018 continnumeric
V26054pn_12 Individual no. in HH in 2012 discretenumeric
V26055pn_06 Person No. in 2006 discretenumeric
V26056pn_98 Person No. in 1998 discretenumeric
V26057expan_ref_hh Expansion weight-refresher only-households continnumeric
V26058expan_ref_indiv Expansion weight-refresher only-individuals continnumeric
V26059expan_hh Expansion weight-households continnumeric
V26060expan_indiv Expansion weights-individuals continnumeric
V26061valid_indiv indicator that the individual consents discretenumeric
V26062visit_d First visit day continnumeric
V26063visit_m First visit month discretenumeric
V26064visit_y First visit year continnumeric
V26065visit_date First visit date discretecharacter
V26066gov Governorate discretenumeric
V26067region Region discretenumeric
V26068urban Urban/Rural discretenumeric
V26069qism Kism continnumeric
V26070shyakha Shyakha continnumeric
V26071psu Geographic psu continnumeric
V26072ref_poor Refresher sample poor stratum discretenumeric

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