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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018

Shocks and Coping


V28532q14401_1 14401_1. In the past four weeks, did you worry that your household would not hav discretenumeric
V28533q14401_2 14401_2. How often? discretenumeric
V28534q14402_1 14402_1. In the past four weeks, were you or any household member not able to ea discretenumeric
V28535q14402_2 14402_2. How often? discretenumeric
V28536q14403_1 14403_1. In the past four weeks, did you or any household member have to eat a l discretenumeric
V28537q14403_2 14403_2. How often? discretenumeric
V28538q14404_1 14404_1. In the past four weeks, did you or any household member have to eat som discretenumeric
V28539q14404_2 14404_2. How often? discretenumeric
V28540q14405_1 14405_1. In the past four weeks, did you or any household member have to eat a s discretenumeric
V28541q14405_2 14405_2. How often? discretenumeric
V28542q14406_1 14406_1. In the past four weeks, did you or any household member have to eat few discretenumeric
V28543q14406_2 14406_2. How often? discretenumeric
V28544q14407_1 14407_1. In the past four weeks, was there ever no food to eat of any kind in yo discretenumeric
V28545q14407_2 14407_2. How often? discretenumeric
V28546q14408_1 14408_1. Borrow food, or rely on help from a friend or relative to provide or bu discretenumeric
V28547q14408_2 14408_2. Purchase food on credit? discretenumeric
V28548q14408_3 14408_3. Send household members to beg? discretenumeric
V28549q14408_4 14408_4. consumed seed stock held for next season? discretenumeric
V28550q14408_5 14408_5. spent savings? discretenumeric
V28551q14408_6 14408_6. Sold or consumed livestock? discretenumeric
V28552q14408_7 14408_7. Sold agricultural tools, seeds, or other inputs? discretenumeric
V28553q14408_8 14408_8. worked for food only? discretenumeric
V28554q14408_9 14408_9 Reduced consumption discretenumeric
V28555q14408_10 14408_9 Increased working hours discretenumeric
V28556q14409_1 14409_1. Medical/Clinic/Hospital expense discretenumeric
V28557q14409_2 14409_2. Clothing discretenumeric
V28558q14409_3 14409_3. Food (including during religious celebrations) discretenumeric
V28559q14409_4 14409_4. Labor for farming discretenumeric
V28560q14409_5 14409_5. School fees discretenumeric
V28561q14409_6 14409_6. Hoes and other small farm tools discretenumeric
V28562q14409_7 14409_7. Large farm tools discretenumeric
V28563q14409_8 14409_8. Agricultural inputs (ex: seeds) discretenumeric
V28564q14409_9 q14409_9 Cash support for living discretenumeric
V28565q14409_10 q14409_10 In-kind assistance discretenumeric
V28566q14410_1 14410_1. Medical/Clinic/Hospital expense discretenumeric
V28567q14410_2 14410_2. Clothing discretenumeric
V28568q14410_3 14410_3. Food (including during religious celebrations) discretenumeric
V28569q14410_4 14410_4. Labor for farming discretenumeric
V28570q14410_5 14410_5. School fees discretenumeric
V28571q14410_6 14410_6. Hoes and other small farm tools discretenumeric
V28572q14410_7 14410_7. Large farm tools discretenumeric
V28573q14410_8 14410_8. Agricultural inputs (ex: seeds) discretenumeric
V28574q14410_9 q14410_9 Monetary support Zakat charity discretenumeric
V28575q14411_1 14411_1. drought/water shortage discretenumeric
V28576q14411_2 14411_2. regular floods discretenumeric
V28577q14411_3 14411_3. flash floods discretenumeric
V28578q14411_4 14411_4. landslides, erosion discretenumeric
V28579q14411_5 14411_5. Severely high level of crop pests and disease discretenumeric
V28580q14411_6 14411_6. Severely high level of livestock disease discretenumeric
V28581q14411_7 14411_7. Fire discretenumeric
V28582q14411_8 14411_8. high costs of agricultural inputs (seed, fertilizer, etc.) discretenumeric
V28583q14411_9 14411_9. Lack or loss of employment discretenumeric
V28584q14411_10 14411_10. Unusually high level of human disease discretenumeric
V28585q14411_11 14411_11. reduced income of household member discretenumeric
V28586q14411_12 14411_12. serious illness or accident of household member discretenumeric
V28587q14411_13 14411_13. death of a working household member discretenumeric
V28588q14411_14 14411_14. death of other household member discretenumeric
V28589q14411_15 14411_15. theft of money/valuables/animals discretenumeric
V28590q14411_16 14411_16. conflict/lack of security/violence discretenumeric
V28591q14411_17 q14411_17 Rising prices discretenumeric
V28592q14411_18 q14411_18 Husband problems discretenumeric
V28593q14412_1 14412_1. ate less food discretenumeric
V28594q14412_2 14412_2. borrowed goods or money from relatives or friends discretenumeric
V28595q14412_3 14412_3. purchased goods on credit discretenumeric
V28596q14412_4 14412_4. some HH members migrated discretenumeric
V28597q14412_5 14412_5. sold durable goods discretenumeric
V28598q14412_6 14412_6. sent family members to live with other relatives discretenumeric
V28599q14412_7 14412_7. reduced spending on health discretenumeric
V28600q14412_8 14412_8. reduced spending on education discretenumeric
V28601q14412_9 14412_9. spent savings discretenumeric
V28602q14412_10 14412_10. sold or consumed livestock discretenumeric
V28603q14412_11 14412_11. sold crop before harvest discretenumeric
V28604q14412_12 14412_12. rented out land discretenumeric
V28605q14412_13 14412_13. sold land discretenumeric
V28606q14412_14 14412_14. borrowed money from a moneylender or bank discretenumeric
V28607q14412_15 14412_15. sold jewelry discretenumeric
V28608q14412_16 q14412_16 Worked discretenumeric

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