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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018



V28127q12301_1 12301_1. A woman’s place is not only in the HH, should also be allowed to work discretenumeric
V28128q12301_2 12301_2. The husband should help his working wife raise their children. discretenumeric
V28129q12301_3 12301_3. The husband should help his working wife with household chores. discretenumeric
V28130q12301_4 12301_4. Girls should go to school to prepare for jobs, not just to make them g discretenumeric
V28131q12301_5 12301_5. A woman who works outside the home cannot be a good mother. discretenumeric
V28132q12301_6 12301_6. For a woman’s financial autonomy, she must work and have earnings discretenumeric
V28133q12301_7 12301_7. A woman's work interferes with her ability to keep a good relationshi discretenumeric
V28134q12301_8 12301_8. Women should continue to obtain leadership positions in society. discretenumeric
V28135q12301_9 12301_9. Boys and girls should get the same amount of schooling discretenumeric
V28136q12301_10 12301_10. Boys and girls should be treated equally. discretenumeric
V28137q12301_11 12301_11. When jobs are scarce, men should have more right to a job than women. discretenumeric
V28138q12302_1 12302_1. I can always manage to solve difficult problems if I try hard enough discretenumeric
V28139q12302_2 12302_2. If someone opposes me, I can find the means and ways to get what I wan discretenumeric
V28140q12302_3 12302_3. It is easy for me to stick to my aims and accomplish my goals. discretenumeric
V28141q12302_4 12302_4. I am confident that I could deal efficiently with unexpected events. discretenumeric
V28142q12302_5 12302_5. Thanks to my resourcefulness, I know how to handle unforeseen situation discretenumeric
V28143q12302_6 12302_6. I can solve most problems if I invest the necessary effort. discretenumeric
V28144q12302_7 12302_7. I can remain calm when facing difficulties because I can rely on my co discretenumeric
V28145q12302_8 12302_8. When I am confronted with a problem, I can usually find several solutio discretenumeric
V28146q12302_9 12302_9. If I am in trouble, I can usually think of a solution. discretenumeric
V28147q12302_10 12302_10. I can usually handle whatever comes my way. discretenumeric
V28148q12303_1 12303_1. Charitable and Caring activities (Examples: providing assistance (in ki discretenumeric
V28149q12303_2 12303_2. Educational development activities (Providing Literacy classes, educati discretenumeric
V28150q12303_3 12303_3. Community development activities (improve a neighborhood or bring new s discretenumeric
V28151q12303_4 12303_4. Fundraising (from others for a charitable or social purpose, like for a discretenumeric
V28152q12303_5 12303_5. Other Fields of Voluntary Services discretenumeric
V28153q12304 12304. Do you intend to travel to any country to work/live/study within the next discretenumeric
V28154q12305_1 12305_1. Where do you want to migrate to (region)? discretenumeric
V28155q12305_2 12305_2. Where do you want to migrate to (country)? continnumeric
V28156q12306 12306. What is the main issue in Egypt that makes you want to go abroad? discretenumeric
V28157q12307 12307. What is the main thing outside of Egypt that incentivize you want to go discretenumeric
V28158q12308_1 12308_1. if she burns the food? discretenumeric
V28159q12308_2 12308_2. if she neglects her children? discretenumeric
V28160q12308_3 12308_3. if she argues with him? discretenumeric
V28161q12308_4 12308_4. if she talks to other men? discretenumeric
V28162q12308_5 12308_5. if she wastes his money? discretenumeric
V28163q12308_6 12308_6. if she refuses to have sex with him? discretenumeric
V28164q12309_1 12309_1. purchasing major household items (refrigerator, stove, furniture) discretenumeric
V28165q12309_2 12309_2. making household purchases for daily needs discretenumeric
V28166q12309_3 12309_3. visits to family, friends or relative discretenumeric
V28167q12309_4 12309_4. types of daily food (cooking for the day) discretenumeric
V28168q12309_5 12309_5. going to the doctor for treatment discretenumeric
V28169q12309_6 12309_6. buying personal clothes discretenumeric
V28170q12309_7 12309_7. taking one of the children to the doctor discretenumeric
V28171q12309_8 12309_8. sending children to school on a daily basis discretenumeric
V28172q12309_9 12309_9. buying clothes for children discretenumeric
V28173q12310 12310. Do you have direct access to household money in your hand to use? discretenumeric
V28174q12311 12311. Do you have savings or personal property (land, house, apartment, gold, j discretenumeric
V28175q12312_1 12312_1. local market discretenumeric
V28176q12312_2 12312_2. going to the doctor for treatment discretenumeric
V28177q12312_3 12312_3. bringing children to the doctor discretenumeric
V28178q12312_4 12312_4. visiting home of relatives, friends, or neighbors discretenumeric
V28179q12313 12313. Is there anyone from your family living close enough so that you can go v discretenumeric
V28180q12314_1 12314_1. provide you with a place to stay for the night if you needed it discretenumeric
V28181q12314_2 12314_2. help you out financially if you needed it discretenumeric
V28182q12315 12315. Are you afraid of disagreeing with your husband/ father/ brother or any o discretenumeric

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