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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018

Housing, Services, Facilities & Durable Goods


V26085wealth Household wealth score continnumeric
V26086dwealth Deciles of household wealth discretenumeric
V26087qwealth Quintiles of household wealth discretenumeric
V26088wlthurb Household wealth score--urban only continnumeric
V26089wlthrur Household wealth score--rural only continnumeric
V26090dwlthurb Deciles of household wealth--urban only discretenumeric
V26091dwlthrur Deciles of household wealth--rural only discretenumeric
V26092qwlthurb Quintiles of household wealth--urban only discretenumeric
V26093qwlthrur Quintiles of household wealth--rural only discretenumeric
V26663q401 q401. What is the family's type of housing? discretenumeric
V26664q402 q402. What is the material of the floor? discretenumeric
V26665q403 q403. What is the material of the external walls? discretenumeric
V26666q404 q404. What is the material of the roof? discretenumeric
V26667q405 q405. What is the total area inside of your dwelling unit in square meters? continnumeric
V26668q406 q406. How many rooms are inside the house? discretenumeric
V26669q407 q407. What type of ownership do you have of your dwelling? discretenumeric
V26670q408 q408. How much do you pay in rent each month? continnumeric
V26671q409 q409. What is the main source of drinking water supply? discretenumeric
V26672q410 q410. What is the main source of the water used for utility? discretenumeric
V26673q411 q411. What is the primary source of lighting? discretenumeric
V26674q412 q412. What is the primary energy source for cooking? discretenumeric
V26675q413 q413. What is the primary energy source for heating water? discretenumeric
V26676q414 q414. What is the primary energy source for heating your dwelling? discretenumeric
V26677q415 q415. What type of sanitation facilities does your family use? discretenumeric
V26678q416 q416. What is your sewage system? discretenumeric
V26679q417 q417. What is the main method for garbage disposal? discretenumeric
V26680q418 q418. Do you have access to internet at home? discretenumeric
V26681q419_1 q419_1. fridge? discretenumeric
V26682q419_2 q419_2. freezer? discretenumeric
V26683q419_3 q419_3. dishwasher? discretenumeric
V26684q419_4 q419_4. coloured TV? discretenumeric
V26685q419_5 q419_5. B&W TV? discretenumeric
V26686q419_6 q419_6. Flat TV? discretenumeric
V26687q419_7 q419_7. VCR / DVD / Streaming box? discretenumeric
V26688q419_8 q419_8. air conditioner? discretenumeric
V26689q419_9 q419_9. microwave oven? discretenumeric
V26690q419_10 q419_10. cooker/stove? discretenumeric
V26691q419_11 q419_11. kerosene cooker (Babour gas)? discretenumeric
V26692q419_12 q419_12. Traditional Gas oven? discretenumeric
V26693q419_13 q419_13. electric fan? discretenumeric
V26694q419_14 q419_14. water heater? discretenumeric
V26695q419_15 q419_15. space heater (gas, oil, or electric)? discretenumeric
V26696q419_16 q419_16. sewing machine? discretenumeric
V26697q419_17 q419_17. Iron (electric or other)? discretenumeric
V26698q419_18 q419_18. Radio, tape recorder, CD player? discretenumeric
V26699q419_19 q419_19. Manual/ Semi-automatic washing machine? discretenumeric
V26700q419_20 q419_20. Full automatic washing machine? discretenumeric
V26701q419_21 q419_21. Digital camera/Video camera? discretenumeric
V26702q419_22 q419_22. bicycle? discretenumeric
V26703q419_23 q419_23. motorcycle / scooter? discretenumeric
V26704q419_24 q419_24. private car? discretenumeric
V26705q419_25 q419_25. taxi? discretenumeric
V26706q419_26 q419_26. truck/pick-up truck? discretenumeric
V26707q419_27 q419_27. Tok-Tok? discretenumeric
V26708q419_28 q419_28. desktop computer? discretenumeric
V26709q419_29 q419_29. Notebook, laptop or tablet computer? discretenumeric
V26710q419_30 q419_30. Router/internet connection? discretenumeric
V26711q419_31 q419_31. Landline phone? discretenumeric
V26712q419_32 q419_32. Regular mobile phone? discretenumeric
V26713q419_33 q419_33. Smart mobile phone? discretenumeric
V26714q419_34 q419_34. satellite dish and receiver? discretenumeric
V26715q419_35 q419_35. additional satellite receiver? discretenumeric
V26716q419_36 q419_36. Water pump? discretenumeric
V26717q419_37 q419_37. Hair dryer? discretenumeric
V26718q419_38 q419_38. Vacuum? discretenumeric
V26719q419_39 q419_39. Electricity generator? discretenumeric
V26720q419_40 q419_40. Mixer/Grinder? discretenumeric
V26721q419_41 q419_41. Kitchen machine? discretenumeric
V26722q419_42 q419_42. Water cooler? discretenumeric
V26723q419_43 q419_43. Kitchen/Bathroom fan? discretenumeric
V26724q419_44 q419_44. Water filter? discretenumeric
V26725q420 q420. Does the household employ any help? discretenumeric
V26726q420_1 q420_1. Number of people employed: discretenumeric
V26727q421_1_1 q421_1. Individual code- employee 1 discretenumeric
V26728q421_1_2 q421_1. Individual code- employee 2 discretenumeric
V26729q421_1_3 q421_1. Individual code- employee 3 discretenumeric
V26730q421_3_1 q421_3. Main task- employee 1 discretenumeric
V26731q421_3_2 q421_3. Main task- employee 2 discretenumeric
V26732q421_3_3 q421_3. Main task- employee 3 discretenumeric
V26733q421_4_1 q421_4. Second task- employee 1 discretenumeric
V26734q421_4_2 q421_4. Second task- employee 2 discretenumeric
V26735q421_4_3 q421_4. Second task- employee 3 discretenumeric
V26736q421_5_1 q421_5. Sex- employee 1 discretenumeric
V26737q421_5_2 q421_5. Sex- employee 2 discretenumeric
V26738q421_5_3 q421_5. Sex- employee 3 discretenumeric
V26739q421_6a_1 q421_6a. Egyptian?- employee 1 discretenumeric
V26740q421_6a_2 q421_6a. Egyptian?- employee 2 discretenumeric
V26741q421_6a_3 q421_6a. Egyptian?- employee 3 discretenumeric
V26742q421_6b_1 q421_6b. What region is [employee] from?- 1 continnumeric
V26743q421_6b_2 q421_6b. What region is [employee] from?- 2 discretenumeric
V26744q421_6b_3 q421_6b. What region is [employee] from?- 3 discretenumeric
V26745q421_6c_1 q421_6c. What is [employee]'s nationality- 1 discretecharacter
V26746q421_6c_2 q421_6c. What is [employee]'s nationality- 2 discretenumeric
V26747q421_6c_3 q421_6c. What is [employee]'s nationality- 3 discretenumeric
V26748q421_7_1 q421_7. How many hours per week does [employee] work?- 1 continnumeric
V26749q421_7_2 q421_7. How many hours per week does [employee] work?- 2 discretenumeric
V26750q421_7_3 q421_7. How many hours per week does [employee] work?- 3 discretenumeric
V26751q421_8_1 q421_8. Does [employee] live in the household?- 1 discretenumeric
V26752q421_8_2 q421_8. Does [employee] live in the household?- 2 discretenumeric
V26753q421_8_3 q421_8. Does [employee] live in the household?- 3 discretenumeric
V26754q422_1a 422_1a. What is the most used type of transportation to primary school? discretenumeric
V26755q422_1b 422_1b. Length of trip continnumeric
V26756q422_2a 422_2a. What is the most used type of transportation to prepatory school? discretenumeric
V26757q422_2b 422_2b. Length of trip continnumeric
V26758q422_3a 422_3a. What is the most used type of transportation to secondary school? discretenumeric
V26759q422_3b 422_3b. Length of trip continnumeric
V26760q422_4a 422_4a. What is the most used type of transportation to a government health cent discretenumeric
V26761q422_4b 422_4b. Length of trip continnumeric
V26762q422_5a 422_5a. What is the most used type of transportation to a hospital? discretenumeric
V26763q422_5b 422_5b. Length of trip continnumeric
V26764q422_6a q422_6a. What is the most used type of transportation to a hospital? discretenumeric
V26765q422_6b q422_6b. Length of trip continnumeric

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