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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018

Health Issues


V27005q2501 2501. How is your health in general? discretenumeric
V27006q2502_1 2502_1. I have felt cheerful and in good spirits. discretenumeric
V27007q2502_2 2502_2. I have felt calm and relaxed. discretenumeric
V27008q2502_3 2502_3. I have felt active and vigorous. discretenumeric
V27009q2502_4 2502_4. I woke up feeling fresh and rested. discretenumeric
V27010q2502_5 2502_5. My daily life has been filled with things that interest me. discretenumeric
V27011q2503 2503. Do you have any health insurance and if so, what type of health insurance discretenumeric
V27012q2504 2504. When you are ill or seeking health care advice, where do you usually go? discretenumeric
V27013q2505 2505. Do you have any longstanding illness/ chronic diseases? discretenumeric
V27014q2506_1 2506_1. First disease: continnumeric
V27015q2506_2 2506_2. Second disease: continnumeric
V27016q2506_3 2506_3. Third disease: continnumeric
V27017q2507 2507. Do you have difficulty seeing, even if wearing glasses? discretenumeric
V27018q2508 2508. Do you have difficulty hearing, even if using a hearing aid? discretenumeric
V27019q2509 2509. Do you have difficulty walking or climbing stairs? discretenumeric
V27020q2510 2510. Do you have difficulty remembering or concentrating? discretenumeric
V27021q2511 2511. Do you have difficulty (with self-care such as) washing all over or dressi discretenumeric
V27022q2512 2512. Using your usual (customary) language, do you have difficulty communicatin discretenumeric

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