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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018

Data File

elmps 2018 rep xs 88_18 v2.0

Content The elmps 2018 rep xs 88-18 v2.0.dta contains (only the created, compatible variables across time.)
• The data are long structure, observation is an individual & year combination
Important Variables:
1- round: Identifies wave of survey (1988, 1998, 2006, 2012, 2018)
2- indid: unique individual identifier
3- hhid: unique household identifier
Note: Data is not self-weighted. For details on the creation of sample weights, see: Krafft, C., Assaad, R., and Rahman, K. (2019) . Introducing the Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey 2018. Economic Research Forum Working Paper No. 1360
Cases 199182
Variable(s) 650


round Wave of the survey (year)
indid Unique individual ID
hhid Unique household ID
pn Individual no. in HH
Findid Unique Indiv. ID when first obs.
Fhhid Unique Household ID when first obs.
Fpsu PSU household first sampled under
hhtype Type of household
indtype Type of individual
attr_98_06_12_18 Attrition from 1998 to 2018
in_2018 Individual observed in 2018 round
in_2012 Individual observed in 2012 round
in_2006 Individual observed in 2006 round
in_1998 Individual observed in 1998 round
indid_18 Individual ID 2018
indid_12 Individual ID 2012
indid_06 Individual ID in 2006
indid_98 Individual ID in 1998
hhid_18 Household ID 2018
hhid_12 Household ID 2012
hhid_06 HH ID in 2006
hhid_98 HH ID in 1998
pn_18 Individual no. in HH in 2018
pn_12 Individual no. in HH in 2012
pn_06 Person No. in 2006
pn_98 Person No. in 1998
visit_d First visit day
visit_m First visit month
visit_y First visit year
visit_date First visit date
expan_ref_hh Expansion weight-refresher only-households
expan_ref_indiv Expansion weight-refresher only-individuals
expan_hh Expansion weight-households
expan_indiv Expansion weights-individuals
valid_indiv indicator that the individual consents
gov Governorate
region Region
urban Urban/Rural
qism Kism
shyakha Shyakha
psu Geographic psu
ref_poor Refresher sample poor stratum
sex Sex
brthyr Year of birth
brthmth Month of birth
age Age
agegrp1 Age (Ten groups)
agegrp2 Age (Sixteen groups)
reltohd Relation to the head of hh
hhsize Household size
marital Marital status
agemar1 Age at first marriage
sppres Spouse present
spcode Spouse code
wealth Household wealth score
dwealth Deciles of household wealth
qwealth Quintiles of household wealth
wlthurb Household wealth score--urban only
wlthrur Household wealth score--rural only
dwlthurb Deciles of household wealth--urban only
dwlthrur Deciles of household wealth--rural only
qwlthurb Quintiles of household wealth--urban only
qwlthrur Quintiles of household wealth--rural only
mnthbirth1 Month of birth -- child 1
mnthbirth2 Month of birth -- child 2
mnthbirth3 Month of birth -- child 3
mnthbirth4 Month of birth -- child 4
mnthbirth5 Month of birth -- child 5
mnthbirth6 Month of birth -- child 6
mnthbirth7 Month of birth -- child 7
mnthbirth8 Month of birth -- child 8
mnthbirth9 Month of birth -- child 9
mnthbirth10 Month of birth -- child 10
mnthbirth11 Month of birth -- child 11
mnthbirth12 Month of birth -- child 12
mnthbirth13 Month of birth -- child 13
yrbirth1 Year of birth -- child 1
yrbirth2 Year of birth -- child 2
yrbirth3 Year of birth -- child 3
yrbirth4 Year of birth -- child 4
yrbirth5 Year of birth -- child 5
yrbirth6 Year of birth -- child 6
yrbirth7 Year of birth -- child 7
yrbirth8 Year of birth -- child 8
yrbirth9 Year of birth -- child 9
yrbirth10 Year of birth -- child 10
yrbirth11 Year of birth -- child 11
yrbirth12 Year of birth -- child 12
yrbirth13 Year of birth -- child 13
student Is individual currently studying?
educ Educational Attainment (7 Categories, age 10+)
educ1 Educational Attainment (6 Categories, age 10+)
educ2 Educational Attainment (8 Categories, age 10+)
educlvl Educational Attainment (6 Categories, age 6+)
educlvl1 Educational Attainment (7 Categories, age 6+)
educlvl2 Educational Attainment (9 Categories, age 6+)
certif_nh Certificate specialization, valid for Higher Education
certif2_nh Aggregated education certificate code (4-digit for all rounds)
yrschl Years of School
imp_yrschl Imputed Years of School (1988)
Total variable(s): 650

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