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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018

Data File

elmps 2018 xs v2.0 pt 3

Content The elmps 2018 xs v2.0 pt3 .dta contains (household questionnaire variables)
Important Variables:
1- indid: unique individual identifier
2- hhid: unique household identifier
Note: Data is not self-weighted. For details on the creation of sample weights, see: Krafft, C., Assaad, R., and Rahman, K. (2019) . Introducing the Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey 2018. Economic Research Forum Working Paper No. 1360
Cases 61231
Variable(s) 1810
Structure:Type: relational
Keys: indid (Unique individual ID), hhid (Unique household ID)


round Wave of the survey (year)
indid Unique individual ID
hhid Unique household ID
pn Individual no. in HH
indid_18 Individual ID 2018
indid_12 Individual ID 2012
indid_06 Individual ID in 2006
indid_98 Individual ID in 1998
hhid_18 Household ID 2018
hhid_12 Household ID 2012
hhid_06 HH ID in 2006
hhid_98 HH ID in 1998
pn_18 Individual no. in HH in 2018
pn_12 Individual no. in HH in 2012
pn_06 Person No. in 2006
pn_98 Person No. in 1998
expan_ref_hh Expansion weight-refresher only-households
expan_ref_indiv Expansion weight-refresher only-individuals
expan_hh Expansion weight-households
expan_indiv Expansion weights-individuals
q2 2. Interviewer Number
q4 4. Supervisor Number
q10 10. This is a refresher household
q11 11. Refresher cluster
q12 12. Refresher number in cluster
q13 13. This is a split household
q14 14. Household No. in 2012
q16 16. Batch number
q100 100. Household No.
q101 101. Governorate
q102 102. City/Kism/Markaz
q103 103. Shyakha/Village
q110_1 110_1. No. of Males in 2012
q110_2 110_2. No. of Females in 2012
q110_3 110_3. Total No of Individuals in 2012
q112 112. First visit date
q113 113. First visit result of visit
q118 118. Kindly accept our invitation to participate in the survey.
q122 122. Does the household have updates?
q123 123. New governorate
q124 124. New kism
q125 125. New shyakha
q133 133. Does the household live in an urban or rural area?
q134 134. Does the household live in the mother village or a hamlet?
q135 135. Does the household live in a formal area or an informal area?
q401 q401. What is the family's type of housing?
q402 q402. What is the material of the floor?
q403 q403. What is the material of the external walls?
q404 q404. What is the material of the roof?
q405 q405. What is the total area inside of your dwelling unit in square meters?
q406 q406. How many rooms are inside the house?
q407 q407. What type of ownership do you have of your dwelling?
q408 q408. How much do you pay in rent each month?
q409 q409. What is the main source of drinking water supply?
q410 q410. What is the main source of the water used for utility?
q411 q411. What is the primary source of lighting?
q412 q412. What is the primary energy source for cooking?
q413 q413. What is the primary energy source for heating water?
q414 q414. What is the primary energy source for heating your dwelling?
q415 q415. What type of sanitation facilities does your family use?
q416 q416. What is your sewage system?
q417 q417. What is the main method for garbage disposal?
q418 q418. Do you have access to internet at home?
q419_1 q419_1. fridge?
q419_2 q419_2. freezer?
q419_3 q419_3. dishwasher?
q419_4 q419_4. coloured TV?
q419_5 q419_5. B&W TV?
q419_6 q419_6. Flat TV?
q419_7 q419_7. VCR / DVD / Streaming box?
q419_8 q419_8. air conditioner?
q419_9 q419_9. microwave oven?
q419_10 q419_10. cooker/stove?
q419_11 q419_11. kerosene cooker (Babour gas)?
q419_12 q419_12. Traditional Gas oven?
q419_13 q419_13. electric fan?
q419_14 q419_14. water heater?
q419_15 q419_15. space heater (gas, oil, or electric)?
q419_16 q419_16. sewing machine?
q419_17 q419_17. Iron (electric or other)?
q419_18 q419_18. Radio, tape recorder, CD player?
q419_19 q419_19. Manual/ Semi-automatic washing machine?
q419_20 q419_20. Full automatic washing machine?
q419_21 q419_21. Digital camera/Video camera?
q419_22 q419_22. bicycle?
q419_23 q419_23. motorcycle / scooter?
q419_24 q419_24. private car?
q419_25 q419_25. taxi?
q419_26 q419_26. truck/pick-up truck?
q419_27 q419_27. Tok-Tok?
q419_28 q419_28. desktop computer?
q419_29 q419_29. Notebook, laptop or tablet computer?
q419_30 q419_30. Router/internet connection?
q419_31 q419_31. Landline phone?
q419_32 q419_32. Regular mobile phone?
q419_33 q419_33. Smart mobile phone?
q419_34 q419_34. satellite dish and receiver?
q419_35 q419_35. additional satellite receiver?
q419_36 q419_36. Water pump?
q419_37 q419_37. Hair dryer?
Total variable(s): 1810

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