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Egypt - Labor Market Panel Survey, ELMPS 2018

Data Collection
Data Collection Dates
Data Collection Mode
Face-to-face [f2f]
Data Collection Notes

"Based on experience from past surveys, we eschewed a distinct enumeration round (a phase of locating and listing individuals interviewed in the previous wave prior to fielding). From our experience in the 2012 wave, we found that the data from the enumeration phase could not simply be used directly in fielding, as individuals may have split between enumeration and fielding, and locating households twice added to cost, time, and attrition. In fielding the ELMPS 2012, 1,680 individuals who were enumerated in 2011 were simply not found in the main fieldwork phase in 2012, and we lacked information on whether they split together, died, moved abroad, or otherwise (Assaad and Krafft 2013). A similar problem arose in Jordan in 2016, where, although we designed the questionnaire to track splits at fielding as well as enumeration, many such splits were not actually fielded, leading to the loss of 616 split households and 647 individuals from the sample (Krafft and Assaad 2018). Instead of implementing a separate enumeration phase, data on the status of all 2012 members was collected as part of the main fieldwork in 2018. We processed the data regularly (multiple times per week) throughout fielding to extract split households that needed to be tracked and added them to the server database for fielding. This dynamic process also allowed us to track repeat splits, i.e., cases where individuals split together, but once located, were found to have further sub-divided into additional new households." (Krafft, C., Assaad, R., and Rahman, K. ,2019)
Data Collectors
Central Agency For Public Mobilization & Statistics CAPMAS

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