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Egypt - Harmonized Panel Survey of Young People in Egypt, Panel HSYPE 2009-2014

Data Processing
Data Editing

Two weeks after data collection began, CAPMAS formed office editing, callback center, coding, and data entry teams. The office editing team, which consisted of 50 experienced editors trained for the particular task, carefully reviewed each questionnaire received from the field to ensure that questionnaires did not contain missing or illogical data and that skip patterns were followed correctly.
Identified errors were reported to the callback center team, which then contacted the interviewed families and individuals to gather the correct information.
When the callback center team identified inconsistencies in the questionnaire responses and family responses on the phone, which happened in very few cases, the questionnaire was sent to the quality control team for further investigation.
Once all questionnaires were reviewed, a team of 15 CAPMAS data coders transformed all open-ended questions into codes (In this step, the team used the recent CAPMAS official codebooks for occupation, economic activity, education certificate, school codes, and district of residence (shiakha/qism) and governorate) .
Finally, the reviewed and coded questionnaires were ready for data entry. Using a data entry interface designed specifically for SYPE 2014, the data entry team entered the data. The final clean data tape of the full SYPE 2014 data was submitted to the Population Council by CAPMAS in late September 2014.

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