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Egypt - Harmonized Panel Survey of Young People in Egypt, Panel HSYPE 2009-2014

Data File


Cases 10916
Variable(s) 2577
Structure:Type: relational
Keys: caseser (Unique household identifier), pnum (Individual identifier)


caseser Unique household identifier
pnum Individual identifier
country_2014 Country code
year_2014 Survey year
dtype_2014 Data type
pweight_2014 Individual weight
gov_2014 Governorate of residence
kism_2014 Kism/markaz of residence
shiakha_2014 Shiakha/village of residence
rururb_2014 Urban/Rural residence
psu_2014 Primary sampling unit
dwltyp_2014 Type of dwelling
dwlten_2014 Tenure of dwelling [Standardized version]
dwlten_d_2014 Tenure of dwelling [Detailed version]
dwlaq_o_2014 Dwelling acquired from national program
dwlpd_o_2014 Dwelling fully paid
dwlvl_o_2014 Dwelling total value
dwlcon_lim_2014 Period of rent contract limited
rntcont_2014 Period of rent contract
dwlvl_r_2014 Monthly rent
dwlprd_2014 Period of living in the house
prv_dwl_ten_2014 Previous house tenure status
prv_dwl_yl_2014 Year since leaving previous house
prv_dwl_ml_2014 Month since leaving previous house
flor_mt_2014 Main flooring material
wall_mt_2014 Interior wall material
roof_mt_2014 Roof material
win_typ_2014 Types of windows
room_2014 Number of rooms
sroom_2014 Number of sleeping rooms
ktchn_2014 Dwelling has a kitchen
ktchn_in_2014 Kitchen inside dwelling
ktchn_prv_2014 Private kitchen
toif_2014 Toilet facility
toif_tp_2014 Type of toilet facility
toif_sewg_2014 Toilet facility connected to sewage
toif_in_2014 Toilet facility inside dwelling
toif_prv_2014 Private toilet facility
watavl_2014 Water availability
watdr_2014 Source of drinking water [Standardized version]
watdr_d_2014 Source of drinking water [Detailed version]
watoth_2014 Source of water used for other than drinking [Standardized version]
watoth_d_2014 Source of water used for other than drinking [Detailed version]
elect_2014 Electrified
slight_2014 Source of energy for lighting
scook_2014 Source of energy for cooking
grbg_dsp_2014 Garbage disposal method
car_2014 Number of cars owned
taxi_2014 Number of taxi owned
microbus_2014 Number of Micro-Buses owned
rickshaw_2014 Number of auto rickshaw (TokTok) owned
truck_2014 Number of trucks owned
mbcycle_2014 Number of motorcycles owned
telvbw_2014 Number of BANDW televisions owned
telvc_2014 Number of Color televisions owned
radio_2014 Number of radios owned
satd_2014 Number of satellite dishes owned
player_2014 Number of DVD or video players owned
telph_2014 Number of landline phones owned
cell_2014 Number of regular cell phones owned
smart_2014 Number of smart cell phones/ tablets owned
computer_2014 Number of computers owned
laptop_2014 Number of laptops owned
internet_2014 Number of internet lines and related equipment owned
refrg_2014 Number of refrigerators owned
microwave_2014 Number of microwaves owned
washmn_2014 Number of manual washing machines owned
washaut_2014 Number of automatic washing machines owned
dshwsh_2014 Number of dish washers owned
cond_2014 Number of air conditioners owned
waheat_2014 Number of water heaters owned
sewing_2014 Number of sewing machines
vacuum_2014 Number of vacuum cleaners
livestok_2014 Number of DWLVL_R owned
farmm_2014 Number of farm machines owned
land_bl_2014 Own land for buildings
build_2014 Own buildings
agrlnd_c_2014 Area of owned and cultivated agriculture land in kirat
agrlnd_nc_2014 Area of owned agriculture land but not used in kirat
agrlnd_r_2014 Area of owned agriculture land and rented out to someone in kirat
r_agrlnd_c_2014 Area of agriculture land rented and cultivated by the household in kirat
r_agrlnd_nc_2014 Area of agriculture land rented but not cultivated by the household in kirat
age_2014 Age
sex_2014 Gender
mart_2014 Marital status [Standardized version]
mart_d_2014 Marital status [Detailed version]
rel_2014 Relationship to head [Standardized version]
rel_d_2014 Relationship to head [Detailed version]
indwf_2014 Individual lives with family
trvl_2014 Ever travelled
trvl_int_2014 Travel Intentions
imm_cnt_2014 Desired country for immigration
imm_r_1_2014 Reason for immigration is No jobs available
imm_r_2_2014 Reason for immigration is Low income
imm_r_3_2014 Reason for immigration is Bad living condition
imm_r_4_2014 Reason for immigration is Family troubles
imm_r_5_2014 Reason for immigration is Helping family
imm_r_6_2014 Reason for immigration is Accompanying family
imm_r_7_2014 Reason for immigration is Getting experiences
imm_r_8_2014 Reason for immigration is Gaining money
Total variable(s): 2577

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