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Egypt - Harmonized Panel Survey of Young People in Egypt, Panel HSYPE 2009-2014

Data Collection
Data Collection Dates
20092014All Regions
2013-112014-02Non-frontier governorates
2014-032014-06Frontier governorates
Data Collection Mode
Face-to-face [f2f]
Data Collection Notes

In early June 2013, the SYPE team conducted a week-long training for fieldworkers, and approximately 115 interviewers and field supervisors participated.

The training was conducted by CAPMAS and monitored by the Population Council. During the training, each question of the household and individual questionnaires was discussed in detail with the fieldworkers, who completed a written exam at the end of the training week. Based on the exam results, in addition to fieldworker's performance during the training, those with unsatisfactory performance were excluded from the SYPE data collection team. Prior to data collection in the non-frontier governorates, the fieldwork staff underwent a four-day refresher training course in November of 2013.

In March 2014, the field staff again participated in a refresher course before conducting fieldwork in these governorates. The SYPE 2014 data collection was conducted in collaboration with CAPMAS. Fieldwork in the non-frontier governorates started in late 2013 and continued until February 2014. However, the security situation in the frontier areas delayed research in the corresponding governorates. SYPE data collection in the Frontier Governorates started in March 2014 and was completed in June 2014.

Data collection was completed under the direct management of CAPMAS, which formed 18 field teams to conduct the SYPE. Field teams consisted of one supervisor, four interviewers, and one field editor.
Data Collectors
Information and Decision Support Center IDSC
Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics CAPMAS

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