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Egypt - Labor Force Survey, LFS 2017


The questionnaire design follows the latest International Labor Organization (ILO) concepts and definitions of labor force, employment, and unemployment.

The questionnaire comprises 4 tables in addition to the identification and geographic data of household on the cover page.

---> Table 1- The housing conditions of the households

This table includes information on the housing conditions of the household:
- Type of the dwelling,
- Tenure of the dwelling (owned/rent) ,
- Availability of facilities and services connected to the house
- Ownership of durables.

---> Table 2- Demographic and employment characteristics and basic data for all household individuals

Including: gender, age, educational status, marital status, residence mobility and current work status

---> Table 3- Employment characteristics table

This table is filled by employed individuals at the time of the survey or those who were engaged to work during the reference week, and provided information on:
- Relationship to employer: employer, self-employed, waged worker, and unpaid family worker
- Economic activity
- Sector
- Occupation
- Effective working hours
- Health and social insurance
- Work place
- Contract type
- Average monthly wage

---> Table 4- Unemployment characteristics table

This table is filled by all unemployed individuals who satisfied the unemployment criteria, and provided information on:
- Type of unemployment (unemployed, unemployed ever worked)
- Economic activity and occupation in the last held job before being unemployed
- Last unemployment duration in months
- Main reason for unemployment


Egypt 2017- Questionnaire (Arabic).PDF

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