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Egypt - Labor Force Survey, LFS 2016

Unemployment characteristics


V1266UNEMPDUR Unemployment duration in months continnumeric
V1268SRCHACT_02 Seeking a job by registering with a public/private employment service discretenumeric
V1269SRCHACT_03 Seeking a job by participating in employment competitions discretenumeric
V1270SRCHACT_04 Seeking a job by arranging for financial resources/applying for permits/licenses discretenumeric
V1271SRCHACT_05 Seeking a job by searching for a private project discretenumeric
V1272SRCHACT_06 Seeking a job by seeking the assistance of friends/relatives/other intermediaries discretenumeric
V1273SRCHACT_07 Seeking a job by applying directly to the employer discretenumeric
V1274SRCHACT_08 Seeking a job by reading/watching/responding to advertisements in newspapers/TV discretenumeric
V1275SRCHACT_09 Seeking a job by online job searching discretenumeric
V1276SRCHACT_10 Seeking a job by waiting in a gathering place discretenumeric
V1277SRCHACT_90 Seeking a job through other activities not elsewhere classified discretenumeric

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