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Egypt - Harmonized Survey of Young People in Egypt, HSYPE 2014

Assets & Ownership of Durables


V13448CAR Number of cars owned continnumeric
V13449TAXI Number of taxi owned continnumeric
V13450MICROBUS Number of Micro-Buses owned continnumeric
V13451RICKSHAW Number of auto rickshaw (TokTok) owned continnumeric
V13452TRUCK Number of trucks owned continnumeric
V13453MBCYCLE Number of motorcycles owned continnumeric
V13454TELVBW Number of BANDW televisions owned continnumeric
V13455TELVC Number of Color televisions owned continnumeric
V13456RADIO Number of radios owned continnumeric
V13457SATD Number of satellite dishes owned continnumeric
V13458PLAYER Number of DVD or video players owned continnumeric
V13459TELPH Number of landline phones owned continnumeric
V13460CELL Number of regular cell phones owned continnumeric
V13461SMART Number of smart cell phones/ tablets owned continnumeric
V13462COMPUTER Number of computers owned continnumeric
V13463LAPTOP Number of laptops owned continnumeric
V13464INTERNET Number of internet lines and related equipment owned continnumeric
V13465REFRG Number of refrigerators owned continnumeric
V13466MICROWAVE Number of microwaves owned continnumeric
V13467WASHMN Number of manual washing machines owned continnumeric
V13468WASHAUT Number of automatic washing machines owned continnumeric
V13469DSHWSH Number of dish washers owned continnumeric
V13470COND Number of air conditioners owned continnumeric
V13471WAHEAT Number of water heaters owned continnumeric
V13472SEWING Number of sewing machines continnumeric
V13473VACUUM Number of vacuum cleaners continnumeric
V13474LIVESTOK Number of livestock owned discretenumeric
V13475FARMM Number of farm machines owned discretenumeric
V13476LAND_BL Own land for buildings discretenumeric
V13477BUILD Own buildings discretenumeric
V13478AGRLND_C Area of owned and cultivated agriculture land in kirat continnumeric
V13479AGRLND_NC Area of owned agriculture land but not used in kirat continnumeric
V13480AGRLND_R Area of owned agriculture land and rented out to someone in kirat continnumeric
V13481R_AGRLND_C Area of agriculture land rented and cultivated by the household in kirat continnumeric
V13482R_AGRLND_NC Area of agriculture land rented but not cultivated by the household in kirat continnumeric

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