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Egypt - Harmonized Survey of Young People in Egypt, HSYPE 2014



V14207WAGE Earn a wage from the current job discretenumeric
V14208WAGE_TP Wage type discretenumeric
V14209WAGE_KEEP Keeping all the wage to yourself discretenumeric
V14210WAGE_EXP_1 Wage is expended on Contributing to the household spending discretenumeric
V14211WAGE_EXP_2 Wage is expended on Helping father discretenumeric
V14212WAGE_EXP_3 Wage is expended on Helping mother discretenumeric
V14213WAGE_EXP_4 Wage is expended on Helping siblings discretenumeric
V14214WAGE_EXP_5 Wage is expended on Helping other relatives discretenumeric
V14215WAGE_EXP_6 Wage is expended onOther discretenumeric
V14216WAGE_PRD_1 Periodicity of earning Basic wage discretenumeric
V14217WAGE_PRD_2 Periodicity of earning Allowances discretenumeric
V14218WAGE_PRD_3 Periodicity of earning Bonus discretenumeric
V14219WAGE_PRD_4 Periodicity of earning Incentives discretenumeric
V14220WAGE_PRD_5 Periodicity of earning Overtime discretenumeric
V14221WAGE_PRD_6 Periodicity of earning Profits discretenumeric
V14222WAGE_PRD_7 Periodicity of earning Other discretenumeric
V14223WAGE_VL_1 Monthly value of Basic wage continnumeric
V14224WAGE_VL_2 Monthly value of Allowances continnumeric
V14225WAGE_VL_3 Monthly value of Bonus continnumeric
V14226WAGE_VL_4 Monthly value of Incentives continnumeric
V14227WAGE_VL_5 Monthly value of Overtime continnumeric
V14228WAGE_VL_6 Monthly value of Profits continnumeric
V14229WAGE_VL_7 Monthly value of Other continnumeric

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