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Egypt - Harmonized Survey of Young People in Egypt, HSYPE 2014

Data File


Cases 10916
Variable(s) 1327


COUNTRY Country code
YEAR Survey year
DTYPE Data type
CASESER Unique household identifier
PNUM Individual identifier
PWEIGHT Individual weight
GOV Governorate of residence
KISM Kism/markaz of residence
SHIAKHA Shiakha/village of residence
RURURB Urban/Rural residence
PSU Primary sampling unit
DWLTYP Type of dwelling
DWLTEN Tenure of dwelling [Standardized version]
DWLTEN_D Tenure of dwelling [Detailed version]
DWLAQ_O Dwelling acquired from national program
DWLPD_O Dwelling fully paid
DWLVL_O Dwelling total value
DWLCON_LIM Period of rent contract limited
RNTCONT Period of rent contract
DWLVL_R Monthly rent
DWLPRD Period of living in the house
PRV_DWL_TEN Previous house tenure status
PRV_DWL_YL Year since leaving previous house
PRV_DWL_ML Month since leaving previous house
FLOR_MT Main flooring material
WALL_MT Interior wall material
ROOF_MT Roof material
WIN_TYP Types of windows
ROOM Number of rooms
SROOM Number of sleeping rooms
KTCHN Dwelling has a kitchen
KTCHN_IN Kitchen inside dwelling
KTCHN_PRV Private kitchen
TOIF Toilet facility
TOIF_TP Type of toilet facility
TOIF_SEWG Toilet facility connected to sewage
TOIF_IN Toilet facility inside dwelling
TOIF_PRV Private toilet facility
WATAVL Water availability
WATDR Source of drinking water [Standardized version]
WATDR_D Source of drinking water [Detailed version]
WATOTH Source of water used for other than drinking [Standardized version]
WATOTH_D Source of water used for other than drinking [Detailed version]
ELECT Electrified
SLIGHT Source of energy for lighting
SCOOK Source of energy for cooking
GRBG_DSP Garbage disposal method
CAR Number of cars owned
TAXI Number of taxi owned
MICROBUS Number of Micro-Buses owned
RICKSHAW Number of auto rickshaw (TokTok) owned
TRUCK Number of trucks owned
MBCYCLE Number of motorcycles owned
TELVBW Number of BANDW televisions owned
TELVC Number of Color televisions owned
RADIO Number of radios owned
SATD Number of satellite dishes owned
PLAYER Number of DVD or video players owned
TELPH Number of landline phones owned
CELL Number of regular cell phones owned
SMART Number of smart cell phones/ tablets owned
COMPUTER Number of computers owned
LAPTOP Number of laptops owned
INTERNET Number of internet lines and related equipment owned
REFRG Number of refrigerators owned
MICROWAVE Number of microwaves owned
WASHMN Number of manual washing machines owned
WASHAUT Number of automatic washing machines owned
DSHWSH Number of dish washers owned
COND Number of air conditioners owned
WAHEAT Number of water heaters owned
SEWING Number of sewing machines
VACUUM Number of vacuum cleaners
LIVESTOK Number of livestock owned
FARMM Number of farm machines owned
LAND_BL Own land for buildings
BUILD Own buildings
AGRLND_C Area of owned and cultivated agriculture land in kirat
AGRLND_NC Area of owned agriculture land but not used in kirat
AGRLND_R Area of owned agriculture land and rented out to someone in kirat
R_AGRLND_C Area of agriculture land rented and cultivated by the household in kirat
R_AGRLND_NC Area of agriculture land rented but not cultivated by the household in kirat
SEX Gender
MART Marital status [Standardized version]
MART_D Marital status [Detailed version]
REL Relationship to head [Standardized version]
REL_D Relationship to head [Detailed version]
INDWF Individual lives with family
TRVL Ever travelled
TRVL_INT Travel Intentions
IMM_CNT Desired country for immigration
IMM_R_1 Reason for immigration is No jobs available
IMM_R_2 Reason for immigration is Low income
IMM_R_3 Reason for immigration is Bad living condition
IMM_R_4 Reason for immigration is Family troubles
IMM_R_5 Reason for immigration is Helping family
IMM_R_6 Reason for immigration is Accompanying family
IMM_R_7 Reason for immigration is Getting experiences
IMM_R_8 Reason for immigration is Gaining money
Total variable(s): 1327

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