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Egypt - Household Income, Expenditure, and Consumption Survey, HIECS 2015

Ownership of assets


V582CAR Has a car, van, taxi, cart, etc ... discretenumeric
V583MBCYCLE Has bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, etc... discretenumeric
V584TELV Has a TV, LCD, LED, etc... discretenumeric
V585SATD_REC Has satellite dish, receiver, etc... discretenumeric
V586PLAYER Has DVD, VCR, CD player, audio player, etc... discretenumeric
V587CAMERA Has photo or video camera discretenumeric
V588TELPH Has telephone, cell phone, etc... discretenumeric
V589COMPUTER Has computer or laptop connected or not to an internet line discretenumeric
V590INTERNET Has internet line and related equipments (router, USB, etc ...) discretenumeric
V591REFRG Has refrigerator, freezer, water cooler, etc... discretenumeric
V592COOKER Has cooker, stove, oven, etc... discretenumeric
V593MICROWAVE Has microwave, grill, fryer etc... discretenumeric
V594SKITAPP Has food processor, kitchen machine, blender, grinder etc... discretenumeric
V595WASH Has washing machine discretenumeric
V596DSHWSH Has a dishwasher discretenumeric
V597COND Has an air conditioner discretenumeric
V598FAN Has an electric fan discretenumeric
V599HEATER Has a heater discretenumeric
V600WAHEAT Has a water heater discretenumeric
V601SEWING Has a sewing machine discretenumeric
V602VACUUM Has a vacuum cleaner discretenumeric
V603IRON Has an iron discretenumeric
V604ODUR Has other durables discretenumeric

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