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Egypt - Household Income, Expenditure, and Consumption Survey, HIECS 2015

Data Processing
Data Editing

----> Raw Data

- Data entry was conducted using the tablets carried by interviewers upon data collection, during visits.
- Data entry programs were designed and implemented by data experts in CAPMAS
- Those programs are flexible and user friendly.
- Validation rules were further added to the entry programs to ensure data is correctly entered.
- Further errors are produced in reports through the same program.
- Errors are then corrected to ensure data files produced are free of error.

----> Harmonized Data

- The Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) is used to clean and harmonize the datasets.
- The harmonization process starts with cleaning all raw data files received from the Statistical Agency.
- Cleaned data files are then all merged to produce one data file on the individual level containing all variables subject to harmonization.
- A country-specific program is generated for each dataset to generate/compute /recode/rename/format/label harmonized variables.
- A post-harmonization cleaning process is then conducted on the data.
- Harmonized data is saved on the household as well as the individual level, in SPSS and converted to STATA format.

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