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Egypt - Exports Data, EID-EXP 2005-2016

Data File


Content The Exports Data File contains the following variables:
1- Year (2005-2016)
2- Trader Unique Identifier (Trader's tax registration number)
3- Product code following HS6 classification (Products' Description of both UNCTAD & GOEIC is provided in the documentation materials)
4- Country of origin (Egypt for all exports data)
5- Port code used for exporting products (Coded in ERF)
6- Country of destination (3 Letters Code)
7- Country of destination (Name)
8- Exports value in US$
9- Exports value in EGP
10- Quantity exported
11- Unit of quantity exported
Cases 939694
Variable(s) 11
Version Version 2.0: An updated version of the GOEIC transaction data base on exports, from 2005 to 2016, including data on quantities.
Notes - Data files will be downloaded for each year individually
- To re-compile all years of exports data in one file, the "Append" command should be used for stata data files, and "Merge files/Add cases" should be used for SPSS data files.


Year Year
Trader_ID Trader Unique Identifier
Product_HS6 Product code following HS6 classification
Cntry_Org Country of origin
EXP_Port Port code used for exporting products
Cntry_Dest_Code Country of destination (code)
Cntry_Dest_Name Country of destination (name)
ExpVal_USD Exports value in US$
ExpVal_EGP Exports value in EGP
Quantity Quantity exported
Qunt_Unit Unit of quantity exported
Total variable(s): 11

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