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Tunisia - Labor Market Panel Survey, TLMPS 2014

Data File

TLMPS 2014 v2.0 pt 1

Content This datafile contains variables in questionnaires 1 & 2, in addition to created variables.
Cases 16430
Variable(s) 1831
Structure:Type: relational
Keys: indid (Unique individual ID), hhid (Unique household ID)
Notes ----> Identifiers
hhid: unique household identifier
indid: unique individual identifier
----> Weight variables
expan_hh: household questionnaire expansion factor
expan_roster: household roster expansion factor
expan_indiv: child/adult questionnaire expansion factor
expan_migr_ent: household migration/enterprise questionnaire expansion factor
----> Notes on weight
Data is not self-weighted.
Weights need to be used to get representative statistics.
Weights should be used in STATA as analytical or probability weights.
The weight used should be selected based on which questionnaire the dependent variable comes from.
If data is being used across multiple questionnaires, we still recommend using the weight based on the questionnaire the dependent variable comes from, but that covariates be created so that observations missing data on those covariates are included with dummies for missing.
For instance, if using receipt of remittances (covariate) to predict child schooling (dependent variable), create remittance receipt categorically/as a series of dummies for: 0 (did not receive), 1 (did receive), 2 (data missing).


h127 second visit visiting time (in mn)
h128 third visit visiting time (in mn)
h203 What is the material of the external walls?
h201 What is the type of your dwelling?
h202 What is the material of the floor?
h202_text What is the material of the floor (other, specify)?
h203_text What is the material of the external walls (other, specify)?
h204 What is the material of the roof?
h204_text What is the material of the roof (other, specify)?
h205 What is the internal total area of the dwelling unit in square meters?
h206 How many rooms are in the dwelling?
h207 What is the ownership status of your dwelling?
h207_text What is the ownership status of your dwelling (other, specify)?
h208 What is the main source of drinking water?
h209 What is the source of light?
h209_text What is the source of light (other, specify)?
h210 What is the primary energy source for cooking?
h210_text What is the primary energy source for cooking (other, specify)?
h211 What is the primary energy source for water heating?
h212 What is the primary energy source for heating?
h212_text What is the primary energy source for heating (other, specify)?
h213 What type of sanitation facilities does the family have?
h214 What is your waste water disposal method?
h214_text What is your waste water disposal method (other, specify)?
h215 What is the main method for garbage disposal?
h215_text What is the main method for garbage disposal (other, specify)?
h216 Does your family own fridge?
h216_n How many fridges do you have?
h217 Does your family own freezer?
h217_n How many freezers do you have?
h218 Does your family own cooker/stove?
h218_n How many cookers/stoves do you have?
h219 Does your family own microwave oven?
h219_n How many microwave ovens do you have?
h220 Does your family own semi-automatic washing machine?
h220_n How many semi-automatic washing machines do you have?
h221 Does your family own fully automatic washing machine?
h221_n How many fully automatic washing machine do you have?
h222 Does your family own dishwasher?
h222_n How many dishwashers do you have?
h223 Does your family own air conditioner?
h223_n How many air conditioners do you have?
h224 Does your family own electric fan?
h224_n How many electric fans do you have?
h225 Does your family own central heating?
h225_n How many central heating do you have?
h226 Does your family own water heater?
h226_n How many water heaters do you have?
h227 Does your family own color TV?
h227_n How many color TVs do you have?
h228 Does your family own radio, tape recorder, CD player?
h228_n How many radios, tape recorders, or CD players do you have?
h229 Does your family own VCR / DVD?
h229_n How many VCRs / DVDs do you have?
h230 Does your family own satellite dish?
h230_n How many satellite dishes do you have?
h231 Does your family own bookcase?
h231_n How many bookcases do you have?
h232 Does your family own camera (stand-alone)?
h232_n How many cameras (stand-alone) do you have?
h233 Does your family own sewing machine?
h233_n How many sewing machines do you have?
h234 Does your family own landline phone?
h234_n How many landline phones do you have?
h235 Does your family own smart phone or mobile phone?
h235_n How many smart phones or mobile phones do you have?
h236 Does your family own desktop computer?
h236_n How many desktop computers do you have?
h237 Does your family own notebook, laptop or tablet computer?
h237_n How many notebook, laptop or tablet computers do you have?
h238 Does your family own wireless internet router?
h238_n How many wireless internet routers do you have?
h239 Does your family own bicycle?
h239_n How many bicycles do you have?
h240 Does your family own motorcycle / scooter?
h240_n How many motorcycles/scooters do you have?
h241 Does your family own private car?
h241_n How many private cars do you have?
h242 Does your family own truck/pick-up truck?
h242_n How many trucks/pick-up trucks do you have?
h243 Does the family hire a domestic worker?
h243_n How many domestic workers do you have?
h244 Does the family hire a guard
h244_n How many guards do you have?
h245 Does the family hire a chauffeur?
h245_n How many chauffeurs do you have?
h246 Does the family hire a gardener?
h246_n How many gardeners do you have?
h247 Does the family hire other persons?
h247_text Does the family hire other persons (specify)?
h247_n How many other persons do you have?
h301 Serial Number
h303 Relationship to Head of the HH
h304 Residency status
h305 Absence period (in weeks)
h306 Sex
h307_1 day of birth
h307_2 month of birth
h307_3 year of birth
h308 Age
Total variable(s): 1831

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