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Tunisia - Labor Market Panel Survey, TLMPS 2014

Data File

TLMPS 2014 v2.0 pt 1

Content This datafile contains variables in questionnaires 1 & 2, in addition to created variables.
Cases 16430
Variable(s) 1831
Structure:Type: relational
Keys: indid (Unique individual ID), hhid (Unique household ID)
Notes ----> Identifiers
hhid: unique household identifier
indid: unique individual identifier
----> Weight variables
expan_hh: household questionnaire expansion factor
expan_roster: household roster expansion factor
expan_indiv: child/adult questionnaire expansion factor
expan_migr_ent: household migration/enterprise questionnaire expansion factor
----> Notes on weight
Data is not self-weighted.
Weights need to be used to get representative statistics.
Weights should be used in STATA as analytical or probability weights.
The weight used should be selected based on which questionnaire the dependent variable comes from.
If data is being used across multiple questionnaires, we still recommend using the weight based on the questionnaire the dependent variable comes from, but that covariates be created so that observations missing data on those covariates are included with dummies for missing.
For instance, if using receipt of remittances (covariate) to predict child schooling (dependent variable), create remittance receipt categorically/as a series of dummies for: 0 (did not receive), 1 (did receive), 2 (data missing).


stat2011censor 2011 status censoring
stat2011_1 2011 status: employment status
stat2011_2 2011 status: occupation
stat2011_3 2011 status: economic activity
stat2011_4 2011 status: establishment
stat2011_5 2011 status: sector
stat2011_6 2011 status: size of establishment
stat2011_7 2011 status: job stability
stat2011_8 2011 status: contract
stat2011_9 2011 status: contract at start of job
stat2011_10m 2011 status: contract month
stat2011_10y 2011 status: contract year
stat2011_11 2011 status: other workers have contract
stat2011_12 2011 status: social security
stat2011_13 2011 status: social security at start of job
stat2011_14m 2011 status: social security month
stat2011_14y 2011 status: social security year
stat2011_15 2011 status: other workers have social security
stat2011_16g 2011 status: governorate
stat2011_16u 2011 status: urban/rural
stat2011_16o 2011 status: abroad
stat2011_17 2011 status: reason for change
stat2011_volchg 2011 status: voluntary change
job1censor 1st job censoring
job1statusno 1 jobstatusno
job1_m 1st job: start month
job1_y 1st job: start year
job1_1 1st job: employment status
job1_2 1st job: occupation
job1_3 1st job: economic activity
job1_4 1st job: establishment
job1_5 1st job: sector
job1_6 1st job: size of establishment
job1_7 1st job: job stability
job1_8 1st job: contract
job1_9 1st job: contract at start of job
job1_10m 1st job: contract month
job1_10y 1st job: contract year
job1_11 1st job: other workers have contract
job1_12 1st job: social security
job1_13 1st job: social security at start of job
job1_14m 1st job: social security month
job1_14y 1st job: social security year
job1_15 1st job: other workers have social security
job1_16g 1st job: governorate
job1_16u 1st job: urban/rural
job1_16o 1st job: abroad
job1_17 1st job: reason for change
job1_volchg 1st job: voluntary change
job2censor 2nd job censoring
job2statusno 2 jobstatusno
job2_m 2nd job: start month
job2_y 2nd job: start year
job2_1 2nd job: employment status
job2_2 2nd job: occupation
job2_3 2nd job: economic activity
job2_4 2nd job: establishment
job2_5 2nd job: sector
job2_6 2nd job: size of establishment
job2_7 2nd job: job stability
job2_8 2nd job: contract
job2_9 2nd job: contract at start of job
job2_10m 2nd job: contract month
job2_10y 2nd job: contract year
job2_11 2nd job: other workers have contract
job2_12 2nd job: social security
job2_13 2nd job: social security at start of job
job2_14m 2nd job: social security month
job2_14y 2nd job: social security year
job2_15 2nd job: other workers have social security
job2_16g 2nd job: governorate
job2_16u 2nd job: urban/rural
job2_16o 2nd job: abroad
job2_17 2nd job: reason for change
job2_volchg 2nd job: voluntary change
job3censor 3rd job censoring
job3statusno 3 jobstatusno
job3_m 3rd job: start month
job3_y 3rd job: start year
job3_1 3rd job: employment status
job3_2 3rd job: occupation
job3_3 3rd job: economic activity
job3_4 3rd job: establishment
job3_5 3rd job: sector
job3_6 3rd job: size of establishment
job3_7 3rd job: job stability
job3_8 3rd job: contract
job3_9 3rd job: contract at start of job
job3_10m 3rd job: contract month
job3_10y 3rd job: contract year
job3_11 3rd job: other workers have contract
job3_12 3rd job: social security
job3_13 3rd job: social security at start of job
job3_14m 3rd job: social security month
job3_14y 3rd job: social security year
job3_15 3rd job: other workers have social security
job3_16g 3rd job: governorate
job3_16u 3rd job: urban/rural
job3_16o 3rd job: abroad
job3_17 3rd job: reason for change
Total variable(s): 1831

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