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Tunisia - Labor Market Panel Survey, TLMPS 2014

Access Policy
Access Authority
Economic Research Forum (ERF), erfdataportal@erf.org.eg, www.erf.org.eg
Economic Research Forum (ERF) - 21 Al-Sad Al-Aaly St., Dokki, Giza, Egypt , erfdataportal@erf.org.eg, www.erf.org.eg

To access the micro data, researchers are required to register on the ERF website and comply with the data access agreement.

The data will be used only for scholarly, research, or educational purposes. Users are prohibited from using data acquired from the Economic Research Forum in the pursuit of any commercial or private ventures.
Access Conditions

Licensed datasets, accessible under conditions.
Citation Requirements

The users should cite the Economic Research Forum as follows:

OAMDI, 2016. Labor Market Panel Surveys (LMPS), http://erf.org.eg/data-portal/. Version 2.0 of Licensed Data Files; TLMPS 2014. Egypt: Economic Research Forum (ERF).
Rights & Disclaimer

The Economic Research Forum has granted the researcher access to relevant data following exhaustive efforts to protect the confidentiality of individual data. The researcher is solely responsible for any analysis or conclusions drawn from available data.
(c) 2016, Economic Research Forum

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